Snow Day

When I posted earlier, I said that we had received about five inches of snow.  At that point, I hadn’t stepped out the door or tried to drive, but was going with what the radio said.  When I finally DID get out the door, I stepped into about a two foot snow drift that was up against my door…in my heels and dress pants.  That was an AWESOME feeling.  So, I went out to the garage and got in my car, because I felt really obligated to go to this appointment since Dr. Rx was squeezing me in.  That was a mistake.

On the journey to Dr. Rx’s office, I slipped and slid all over the road.  Nothing was plowed and I drive a PT Cruiser which just happens to be one of the crappiest cars for driving in the snow…mostly because it sits low and is light.  I finally make it to Dr. Rx’s office park and it hadn’t been plowed yet…and there were no tire tracks from any other cars either.  I seriously couldn’t tell where the entrance was…so I guessed and thankfully didn’t end up on the curb.  I parked (kinda…I more or less stopped in the middle of the parking lot because I couldn’t go any further) and called her to see if she was there.  She was and said that I shouldn’t bother making the trip and that she would call me in some Seroquel.  Thanks for the Seroquel but WTF?  I could have saved myself nearly having a heart attack trying to get there. 

SO, I started to pull out of the parking lot.  And got stuck.  I couldn’t go backward or forward and no amount of trying to dig my car out was helping.  After about 20 minutes of swearing and thinking about how I was going to torture Dr. Rx, a nice man stopped and offered to help me out.  After about ten minutes, I was on my way and back on the street.  Needless to say, I made it home.

Normally when the main school district in town shuts down, everything else does too, including the agency I work for.  I called in to see if it was open and was told that over 35 people had called in, not including therapists.  My beloved DS was not there, but the only other fairly competent clerical staff member told me my schedule so I could call and cancel appointments. 

I just finished calling everyone and let’s just say that no one seemed disappointed.  I’ll be staying in the house until at least later on today, if the roads are somewhat clear, so that I can go get my Seroquel. 

The good news about this snow is that PERHAPS I can get caught up on some sleep and maybe read the four months worth of magazines that are stacked on my bookshelf.  The only other good news is that I’ll get a killer workout later because I’m on a corner lot and have LOTS of sidewalk plus a driveway to shovel.  I might even post again if the mood strikes me. 

Lucky you.  🙂

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