No Sub for a Hug

Normally I would be very excited for it to be Thursday evening.  Thursdays are AWESOME because:

1) Group supervison all morning = easy day at work.  Today was not an easy work day.  Today was a work day that made me cry and made me want to scream at the way people who are supposed to love one another treat the other.  No amount of Skittles made it better.

2) One more day until the weekend.  This is still true, but I’m not looking forward to that much unstructured time.  I can get lost in a weekend.

3) Good crap on TV.  Anyone who watches “Lost” will be thrilled that they are taking up TWO HOURS of ABC programming, instead of at least putting on Grey’s.  Also, the only two shows I would watch, CSI or Without A Trace, are re-runs.

I just need to accept that not every Thursday is going to be good…and today, on Thursday the EFFING 7th day of MOTHER LOVING February, I have not had a very good day.

Part of my problem may be that I am going through Malcom withdrawal.  We have played a lot of phone tag today and I really miss him.  Sometimes there are weeks where we just can’t seem to get some time on the phone together and this has been one of those weeks.  If I go into work early or he has to work late, you can pretty much forget about finding time for any conversation over ten minutes. 

In other crappy Thursday news, I found out today that Jeff’s (Malcom’s old roomate) dog, Java, had to be put to sleep here recently.  I friggin’ loved that dog.  I loved watching TV at Malcom and Jeff’s and sneaking Cheez-Its to him and getting yelled at.  I loved the fact that I was the only female he would tolerate and he would bark like crazy at any of Jeff’s attempts to bring a date over.  He had other redeeming qualities, like literally going beserk anytime anyone (usually Malcom) screamed “SQUIRREL!” and loving to go for rides in the car.  The dog’s only flaw is that he left huge mounds of fur behind him, but mostly, he was just a good dog and I am sad today that he is gone. 

I think I’m gonna go love up on my dog and drink some hot tea.  I suggest you do the same.


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