Phone Etiquette

Due to confidentiality, we’re not really allowed to say who we are or what we do or even what agency we’re from until we make sure we have the appropriate person on the phone.  This can lead to problems…

Me:  Hi, could I please speak with Tawasha*?

Client:  Who wants to know?

Me:  Am I speaking with Tawasha?

Client:  Why do you want to know?

Me:  Because I’m calling to speak with Tawasha.

Client:  What you want with Tawasha?

Me:  I’m not really at liberty to say.

Client:  You that ho’ be blowing up Darnell’s * cell?

Me:  No, this is a call regarding employment for–

Client:  I’m gonna kick your #@! behind into next week!  You best —

Me:  THIS IS A BUSINESS CALL.  I’m calling to speak with Tawasha about employment possibilities.

Client:  Oh.  What you want now?  This Tawasha.

HOLY SHIT, BATMAN.  I think she’d be a great receptionist or CSR.  If I’m really lucky, she’s a felon with a drug habit, too.


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