Finding Balance

For once, I feel like I had a “balanced” and “productive” weekend.  Usually, it’s either a slacker weekend where I don’t do anything, or it’s a weekend too jam-packed full of crap to do. 

Friday evening I had a little sleepover at Mom and DHut’s.  It was actually fun and relaxing, which is shocking, because going to their house usually means sensory overload…they have WAY too much going on.  This weekend, however, it wasn’t too bad and I had some good bonding time.  Plus, I slept like a rock.  There’s something about sleeping there that makes me sleep better.  I’m pretty sure that Mom spiked my pasta with tranquilizer. 

I was fairly lazy on Saturday.  Other than seeing my Goddess of Mindfulness, I took a long nap and watched my favorite college basketball team with Dad.  We have season tickets…seven rows up and center court.  I’m going to be sad when I move and can’t do that anymore, because it seems like there is just enough distraction that I don’t get really irritated with his little quirks and vice versa. 

I was possibly over-productive yesterday, although I did manage to take an afternoon nap.  I’m getting caught up on my sleep deficit…finally.  I ran errands in the morning and then came home and napped for three hours without moving at all (which is shocking for me because I’m usually up to pee every hour). 

I then proceeded to clean like a madwoman.  Let’s just say that you could eat off any surface in my house without being worried about germs or grime.  I have a serious fanatical obsession pre-occupation with keeping my house clean and let’s just say that I spent about five hours cleaning yesterday, and my house isn’t that big. 

Kizzie likes to help clean.  It’s one of her favorite things, to walk through dirt piles or walk across a newly mopped floor.  I usually crate her when I do this, but apparently I left my crate at Mom’s from staying there on Friday.  She especially likes the vacuum and chases and attacks it like it like it’s a huge mouse.  It’s pretty amusing. 

This post may be a bit sedate compared to the others, but that’s probably because I stayed up too late watching the Grammy’s.  I mean, I don’t really care about stuff like that, but it was fairly entertaining.  I really can’t believe that Vince Gill won Best Country Album (I have a secret crush on Dierks Bentley) and I especially can’t believe all the awards that junkie-chick Amy Winehouse received.  Maybe I should go drink myself stupid and do some drugs and then try for a singing career…I do have a pretty nice voice.


One thought on “Finding Balance

  1. Amy Winehouse reminds me of Billie Holliday… I believe she (AW) deserves her kudos. At least she’s getting them while still alive… bet Michelangelo could give a crap less about how much his work sells for now… a bit of R-E-S-P-E-C-T ain’t bad for the tragically talented while they’re still around. Don’t know about you, but I live in a glass house. Okay, okay, and I also LOVE AW’s voice. 🙂

    You also have a lovely voice… but you ain’t BH or AW. Plus your Momma would come beat you down with a stick. Yes, even in the middle of a performance. So keep your day job for now. 😀 …XOXO


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