I Said No, No, No

My tribute to Amy Winehouse: 

Trying to make me go to work

And I say no, no, no

Yes I got the flu and I am feeling blue

But my momma thinks I’m fine

Trying to make me go to work

And I say no, no, no.

You know, I don’t know if that’s exactly on the same track as what Amy was thinking, but I think more people can probably relate to feeling blue and having the flu than to being a crack whore drug addict.  Maybe that’s just me. 

Don’t bother writing me a comment telling me that I’m unsympathetic to crack whores and winos the drug-addicts of the world because the fact of the matter is that I work with them all day, in and out, and show extreme patience.  Don’t call me a hypocrite either…consuming massive amounts of Klonopin and other legal drugs prescribed medications to deal with a legitimate disorder helps me to rationalize the fact that I am a walking pharmacy in need of many pills to control this hell called rapid-cycling bipolar disorder.

 I didn’t manage to drag my sorry butt into work today until 9:30, and when I did I knew that I just didn’t want to be there (I said, no, no, no), so I called my appointments and cancelled them and slept all day. 

A touch of the flu, a touch of the blue…I slept all day and feel only slightly guilty, mainly because I know that I saved my clients and perhaps an unlucky co-worker from having my foot shoved up their ass my sparkling personality today.  And no, Malcom, no amount of Skittles would have made it better. 

You know, it’s really annoying when your mother is right.  It really just makes you want to stab a fork in your eye, or in her eye, for that matter.  Of course I’m not on the verge of pneumonia…I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown and just needed a mental health day.  

I don’t think Amy would see anything wrong with that, and I don’t either.   


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