Kizzie Weighs In

1) Once again, I’m a dog and am not trained for this shit.

2)  I had better at least get a walk around the block today or I’m going postal on Mom’s favorite shoes.

3) Mom’s drinking orange juice.  I’m pretty sure there’s not any vodka in it.

4) It’s only 10 till 7 and Mom’s on the phone.  Doesn’t she know that people hate it when she does that?

5) Screw this getting-up-early crap.  I’m going back to bed. 


One thought on “Kizzie Weighs In

  1. Oh Kiz, of course you’re trained for this kind of shit. You’ve been in training for lo’, on to almost two? three? years now. Keep boppin’ her comatose body with squeaky toys, and tear up a shoe or two. You know how it works. If all else fails, race around barking madly for a couple of hours… perhaps start digging up and dragging old bones into the house? She’ll get the message.


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