At the Carwash…woo-woo

It was almost 50 degrees today, so I have spent the day throwing myself and Spring a ticker-tape parade in a fairly good mood.  Not having to see many clients today couldn’t have hurt either.

Malcom and I are watching what we eat and have been emailing everytime we eat something.  I just had a McDonald’s ice cream cone, which, FYI, is a lo-cal, lo-fat snack.  I wouldn’t make something like that up. 

I’ve done pretty well today, resisting eating at the restaurant where we had group supervision today (it’s a bar, so its all hamburgers, etc).  Watching what I eat should also help my pocketbook, because when I eat unhealthy food, it’s always fast food.  I do fine when I eat at home. 

Since it is finally warming up and looks like it will stay above freezing during the day for a week or so, I decided it was finally time to wash my car.  I literally hadn’t washed it since the first snow last year.  I just don’t see the point.

I decided to try out a new carwash, which turned into a disaster.  Five bucks bought me seven minutes.  And that’s all the cash I had on me.  I was in the middle of washing off my floor covers when the water went out. 

If it had happened on the East Side, I might have commissioned a gangsta-wannabe to shoot a hole in the machine.  But, alas, it was on the West side of the West Side, and the only potentially harmful item I located was a Starbucks cup. 

After throwing my soapy mats into the car, I went to the bank and went to my trusty West Central $1 car wash.  I love that place, even if it looks a little on the questionable side.  It’s more of an old-school car wash, where they don’t have all the fancy features. 

Color conditioner?  I mean, seriously, who does that?  Western West Side folks that drink veinte-decaf-skinny-soy-double-shot-cafe-mocha for $5 (or maybe one of those annoying energy drinks), seven days a week. 

I’d rather spend fifty cents at my favorite Amoco in the ghetto up-and-coming Downtown area and get a 44 oz. Diet Coke…in a non-recycleable styrofoam cup. 

Sit on that, West Side soccer mom. 


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