Baby Steps, Grasshopper

I think that in the area of work, I can vacillate between being an idealist and a realist.  As an idealist, I want to make the perfect job match.  Recently, I’ve been forced to be a realist…that sometimes people just need a friggin’ job RIGHT NOW and they don’t care what it is. 

I am not willing to compromise my values (lessons learned) and will still continue to search for good job matches.  However, I will assist clients with finding secure employment ASAP while we are looking for that perfect job.  I don’t feel incredibly good about that, but sometimes reality (or a case manager) hits you upside the head. 

Curly Snap and I have been working really well together.  It just amazes me how AWESOME she is, when originally I thought she was a shithead.  And, while I don’t know if I would call Veggie awesome, he’s a pretty nice guy once you get to know him.  Lessons learned.

I did a good job of working all day on Monday.  I didn’t even take my whole lunch break and I came in on time and stayed until 5:00.  I don’t know that I’ve done that for awhile. 

Yesterday, I did take an extended lunch when a power-nap over my lunch break turned into a three-hour nap.  So really, I only worked 6 hours yesterday, but that’s better than it has been.  Baby steps, Grasshopper.  (I don’t think that’s the exact saying, but what the hell.)

I have not really been able to get into the swing of exercising, although I have been doing a pretty good job about my eating habits.  It helps to email back and forth with Malcom, and hopefully it is helpful to him as well.  It’s always nice to have someone to be accountable to.  I’d like to start exercising soon, but again, baby steps, Grasshopper. 

I think this blog has helped me quite a bit.  Processing ideas and feelings has helped me to gain insight into my behaviors and different issues I have.  So I suppose this is why I’ve been preaching lately to all of my clients the value of journaling. 

I have had a productive morning.  I went to the grocery store and picked up a few key items…like, um, I dunno, toilet paper…and a few other things.  I’ve eaten breakfast, emailed Mom and Malcom, and set out my clothes for the day.  My bed is made, my kitchen is clean, and I am ready to take on the day. 

Today’s goal is to work a full 8 hours, even if it kills me.  I have some paperwork to catch up on and it would be nice to not procrastinate.  Seems like I’m working on so many areas of my life lately. 

Baby steps, Grasshopper. 


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