No Matter What…


I know that I have stated previously that I would vote for McCain if Barack wins the nomination instead of Hillary.  I do believe I am going to take that statement back, due to the fact that McCain is seemingly turning a bit too right-wing for me.  I would like to share a link regarding Barack that I found on a blog I read (  The link to the Barack website is pretty inspirational.  I’m not usually for propaganda, but this one made me say, “Hell yeah.  You go boy!”

 Make sure you have your speakers on.  Enjoy!


One thought on “No Matter What…

  1. And that’s what makes it scary, to have someone young vote, who has just now figured out that McCain’s “turned a bit” right-wing. HELLO????? No offense, just reality.

    Or Hillary??? Let’s see… one’s husband is accepting blow jobs, etc, from anyone who cares to give them. The same “couple” was the butt of so many jokes from the same sort of behavior in Arkansas before they arrived on the “big screen” that it makes one wanna say Hmmmmm??? And he’s not already dead??!!? Yeah, that makes me wanna have her answer the phone at 3 a.m. 😀

    {{{Phone rings… answer phone, groggy, turn around… Bill??? Bill?? Where are you??!!?? Dammit!!… Okay, now what did you want?}}} I’m all over that action.

    And this, in a nutshell, is why religion, sex, & politics should not be discussed in a social setting.


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