Biting the Ears Off Chocolate Bunnies

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), I did not have any chocolate bunnies to deal with this Easter.  I am pretty sure that I have not had an Easter basket for a long time…perhaps not since high school. 

The reason for this?  Easter baskets are for little kids and the only reason we kept getting them through high school is that Ab really likes chocolate and pretty much set out her Easter basket a week previous every year. 

I did go over to Mom and DHut’s house and we had a nice chat and then dinner…ham, twice-baked potatoes, salad, and some kind of strawberry shortcake-ish cake.  Very yummy. 

Mom sent me home with leftovers.  I love it when she does that, and I genuinely think she likes doing it…Mom has always been good about feeding the masses.  🙂

I had a fairly decent weekend, other than sleep issues.  I didn’t get to talk to Malcom as much as I would have liked to, but then again, if I had my way, we would be on the phone 24/7 and wouldn’t get anything done.  It was mostly my fault that we didn’t get to talk much…I did some running around, and when I wasn’t doing stuff, I was trying to sleep (generally unsuccessfully). 

I didn’t get a lot accomplished this weekend, other than cleaning up the house and getting to the grocery store.  That’s ok though, because, as Dad says (this is paraphrased)…”we work with crazy people all week…it’s ok to be lazy on the weekend.”  I totally agree, Dad. 

Back to work today.  SIGH.  I only have a few clients scheduled today because I MUST get caught up on paperwork before I get fired and have to live in a cardboard box under the bridge with my dog.  I’d like to say that my goal is to work eight hours today, but I know that is fairly unrealistic, so I’m going for six. 

P.S.  Ab, if you’re reading, hope you’re having a good time in Germany…eat a brat and drink some beer for me.  🙂


One thought on “Biting the Ears Off Chocolate Bunnies

  1. You, and your sister’s Easter basket stopped about two or three years ago.. do that math. It wasn’t HS.

    Kind of like cutting off the Xmas stockings this year. Folks, let’s do the math on that one??!!?

    I TALK DAILY to folks who are still doing that shit. My response is let it go, let it go… gently, but LET IT GO.

    IMHO, I think that’s A GOOD Thing. Do we know the word “infantalize?!”

    I could bite the ears off a chocolate bunny, just thinking about it. Huh-unh, ain’t taking any of that guilt on, no way… 😀



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