“Doing it For the Kids” – My Dad

 My Daddy Hut…a story that should be told…

(Email from Mom)

Tomorrow is the the rabbit club’s annual show.  Due to the local trophies’ store recently folding (a divorce, so I’ve heard) and finding a new place to get little plastic gold & silver rabbits, DHut has fallen behind on gettin’ ‘er done with the youth trophies for the show.  No, he’s not going to the show…even with some show stoppers out in the barn right now.  But needed to get the trophies ready for “the kids.”  The parts were ready late this afternoon.

So he tells me while I’m still at the shop… I’ve gotta get these trophies put together!!  And I reply, if you really want to, it’ll get done.  Stop what you’re doing, and just take care of it.  He tells me, I can’t get ‘hold of anyone going to the show, so I guess I’ll go down to the city (about 30 minutes away), be there around 5:30 a.m., so I can get back to open the shop at 6:30.  I tell him he’s f’g crazy, and deal with it… in a most nice, been married forever, love ya honey sort of way.

Soooo, I worked my normal (only for now) 14+ hour day again today.  (No whining, just reporting.)  And I got home, was checking my emails around eight o’clock-ish.  Here comes DHut, trotting tons of trophies, parts & pieces, etc, into the house.  I tell him “a guy called (from the club putting up the show) and I told him about your getting up to get the trophies up to the city in the morning.  He said to call him back, he’ll come pick them up.”  So he calls the guy back, finds out the guy will be here in 45+/- minutes. 

Everyone (me, at this point) drops what they’re doing and have a mad, festive, trophy building party for “the kids.”  We clean up and refurbish 17 BOB trophies, and two “big” trophies for “the kids” show tomorrow.  We finish up about the time the guy arrives.  The trophies, again, are awesome.

All is well in our world.  There are no bug-eyed moments, no assholes.  I ask DHut… so, let’s get this done a bit sooner next time? If there’s a next time?  DHut says… of course there’s a next time… I want “the kids” to experience getting the trophies. 

It’s just a story I thought should be told.  A story of love, why we’re still together, and a perfect example of why I married the guy to begin with.  I think our recent moves in business have been wise, and have also shown me, again, another side of the guy you know as DHut…. doin’ it for “the kids.” 

I love you… XOXO


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