Smrtie and Kizz — Non-Cute Behavior

I am feeling particularly uninspired this morning.  I just deleted a rather politically incorrect post about how I would rather work with a drug-addicted felon over a person with a developmental disability any day of the week.  I decided that would just make me seem like an asshole, and anyone who reads my blog regularly already knows that.  No need to ruffle any more feathers.

I slept about 5 hours last night, which is a small victory.  Two of those hours were on the couch, where I fell asleep while watching CSI Miami…which is a repeat of my falling asleep the night before while watching CSI Miami.  Hmmmm.

I broke my phone last week and received the replacement one in the mail yesterday.  Sometime during the night, Kizzie (and I don’t know how the hell she managed this) got it unplugged from the charger and chewed on the antennae.  It does still work, but SERIOUSLY.  I will tell Malcom this and he will think this is cute and funny.  I can’t wait to move and see his reaction when she chews up something of his…like maybe his beloved cowboy boots.  I can see it now.

“Now honey, how cute is that?”


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