Kizzie + Thunder = Panic Attack

It has been raining, or perhaps more appropriately, storming here since yesterday evening.  Kizzie does not like the rain.  She does not like the thunder.  She literally goes into a panic whenever we have even semi-severe weather.  Unfortuntely, we live in Kansas, so this happens all Spring.

She did something overnight that she has not done in a very long time.  She peed on the friggin’ floor.  Not once, but TWICE.  I know that part of this is that she is peeing more often due to her anti-allergy cortisone shot that she just received.  And part of it is that she’s just scared to go outside to pee. 

So, although it aggravated me, I couldn’t help but feel bad for the dog.  She didn’t really WANT to pee inside, because she knows better.  It has been years since she has done so.  She knows she is supposed to go outside.  But, a combination of anxiety, fear, and really needing to FRIGGIN’ PEE got the best of her. 

I didn’t scold her too much, although perhaps I should have.  I did let her know that I was shocked and did the whole, “What is this?  What have you done?” in my most incredulous tone, that I learned so well from Mom.  Especially since I didn’t catch her in the act, I didn’t feel like I could really yell…plus, I never really yell at her. 

Perhaps my dog is spoiled, but I really think she has severe anxiety around the whole raining/storming/thunder thing.  Mostly, I just feel bad for her, because no amount of holding her or letting her sleep under the covers seems to help. 

Anyone have a similar problem or suggestions? 



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