While the World Sleeps

I’m practicing distraction techniques this morning, due to high levels of anxiety and intrusive thoughts.  It would be nice to be snuggled in bed with my honey in AZ, but that is a couple of months away.  For right now, I will have to settle for getting up at 4:00 a.m. and trying to stay awake so my dreams don’t eat my soul in one big bite. 

I’m sure that I will post later with more going-ons.  I just felt the need to connect, to write, to talk.  And no one is awake.  One of the downfalls of getting up this early. 

I was listening to some music on YouTube, my new obsession, and came across a song I listened to in college a lot.  A girl I knew, Greta, used to play it for a guy she liked until he caved in and committed to their relationship.  I do not have a similar issue — Malcom is mine forever and I am his.  I can, however, appreciate the video.  That raining cloud following me wherever I go. 

David Gray This Year’s Love



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