Sexy Fat Becomes Social

Sunday, June 8, 2008, 7:22 a.m.

Quite a bit has happened since last Thursday.  Some worth mentioning, some not.  My mood has been pretty good and I have been staying productive.  J stood me up (okay, so she told me the day before) for therapy and I took Thursday off from IOP.  I just needed a break. 

I did go on Friday with two friends of mine from IOP, Hawaiian Tropic (to be explained later) and PITNB (Pink Is The New Black).  It’s so cool to have girlfriends again.  I don’t know that I’ve had a good friend since I’ve been in college, and I don’t think I’ve ever had friends that were as awesome as HT and PITNB are. 

We just all get each other, and we click, and we’re just so damn honest with each other about everything.  We’re supportive to each other…we listen…we give advice and feedback and suggestions…and we have so much fun together. 

Friday after IOP we went to the community pool in the town that PITNB lives in.  We weren’t expecting it to be quite so fabulous, since it is a really small town…but it was so great.  It has a slide, diving boards, a really fun shallow area (that’s supposedly for kids, but is where we mostly hung out) that has the thing where buckets of water drop on your head and also one of those things shaped like an umbrella that water pours around in a circle. 

That umbrella is how Hawaiian Tropic earned her name.  It was hot that day, but not incredibly so.  We spent most of our time sitting by the side of the shallow end and dipping our feet in the water and chatting, and then getting in the water to cool off every once in awhile.  Well, at one point PITNB and I were sitting on the edge and HT goes under the umbrella thing to cool off. 

Let me just mention that HT is a total hottie.  She has an olive complexion, wavy brown hair, and the type of body that bikinis are made for.  Anyway, she goes under the umbrella to cool off, and, without meaning to, she did a total impersonation of one of the HT girls trying to sell sunscreen.  She stands under the umbrella, running her hands through the water and her hair, and then steps back under the umbrella and shakes out her hair. 

Immediately, PITNB and I were like…we’re going to sell her.  We’re going to be her managers and get her this awesome contract and be RICH.  So, that’s why she’s Hawaiian Tropic. 

PITNB is named such because she wears a lot of…yep, black and pink. 

Have I mentioned how awesome these friends are?

The big news is that HT needed to move, and I had been thinking about getting a roommate to help with bills and have someone to hang out with.  It was kismet.  She moved in Saturday and we’re both looking for jobs here in the city until we move to AZ.  That’s right…she’s coming to AZ with Malcom and I.  WHOO-WHOO!!  I’m beyond excited. 

So we got most of HT’s stuff from the place she was staying at yesterday and got her all moved in and all of her stuff put away.  It was good, because it also motivated me to put away all of my winter clothes instead of just switching closets like I do every season.  And I put up a lot of stuff that I don’t wear for one reason or another, mostly because it’s all in different sizes that don’t fit right now.  So we got HT’s room all set up (even though she is sleeping on an air mattress for the moment) and she even helped me get my stuff organized.  She folded my socks, among a million other things, which I absolutely hate doing. 

I think we are going to be very compatible as roommates (and already as friends).  She’s smart, funny, and a great listener.  We know each other already better than most friends know each other because we’ve been in IOP together.  She doesn’t mind my being a neat freak and she’s not a slob by any means.  She eats healthy and exercises (two things that I am trying to do that I can definitely use some help with). 

And, here’s the kicker…she knows how to DO stuff.  Like home-improvement, landscaping, fixing stuff.  We’re going to finish out the deck and make a few repairs here and there.  I’m pretty excited about it.

After we finished getting all of our stuff put away (for now…we still have another good car load, maybe more, of her stuff still in the other city) and made her room up, we went to PetSmart to buy Kizz a new collar. 

The intention was to buy one that will help when I walk her so that she doesn’t snap the one she has (because it’s snapped together with a plastic thingie) when I walk her.  I ended up buying one that is just like a regular collar, but has a small chain on it so that when she pulls, it tightens around her neck and she can’t slip it.  Hopefully we’ll get to try it out soon. 

And I also bought her a new collar for just everyday wear…you know, to put her tags on and for when we aren’t out walking.  I couldn’t believe how filthy her old collar was, although she’s definitely a dog’s dog and loves play down and dirty…and the fact that for the three weeks that Kizz and I stayed at Mom and DHut’s, she was in their fish pond at least three or four times a day.  At any rate, she has two new collars, and she’s going to get a bath today.  Or maybe tomorrow.  Sometime soon anyway.

HT and I had an awesome evening yesterday.  After dropping by the water garden store to say “hi” and pick up the air mattress, we came home and had a fabulously cooked dinner (shrimp with broccoli/cheese couscous and green beans).  Then we sat outside and drank some awesome wine.  It was our self-soothe for the evening, although I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t get us any gold stars in group.

I’m not normally a wine person, but have been getting more into it since Kyle and Ab always have it on hand and we drink some with dinner when I visit.  So, HT picked out two kinds…don’t ask me what kind…I’d have to get off my big butt and look at the bottle. 

So we sat outside and chatted and drank our wine and, after awhile, saw my neighbor (who is a couple of years older than me) and invited her over to have a glass.  We ended up staying up late, chatting and laughing and having a crazy old time on the back deck.  It was really funny.

And it’s just amazing.  Before this period, I was just surviving my life, not really living it.  But now I have some good friends and am actually doing some social stuff.  It’s totally great.  And I think I have over-used the words “great,” “awesome,” and similar words this post. 

HT and I are going to the grocery store in the morning, because our neighbor told us about Havarti (sp?) cheese and insists we must get some because she herself had an orgasmic experience right there at Hy-Vee when she sampled some and has been obsessed ever since.  We’re then going to work at the water garden and bait store around 11:00 a.m. today and will be done by 5:00 p.m.  We’re then having a BBQ at Mom and DHut’s, which should be a good time. 

And after that, who knows what kind of craziness we’ll do.  All I know is that I’m having a FABULOUS time.  🙂

Very appropriate for life right now…Alanis Morissette, Hand in My Pocket


2 thoughts on “Sexy Fat Becomes Social

  1. Well it is good to see that you are out and socializing. Maybe now you can see what I mean about being around people. They bring us out of ourselves, and they can stimulate us to look at the world in a different way.

    Another nice thing about having people in your life is that you now have someone to do things with. A trip to the grocery store can be boring or if it is crowded, it can be a very tense situation. You now have someone with you and having that person there enlarges your comfort zone.

    I like to cook. When I lived by myself I ate a lot of salads, pasta, and some occasional meat or fish. When my other half is traveling for work I fall back into the same pattern. When my wife is around I will make French, Italian, and Spanish style meals. The fun part is having someone to share it with.

    I also am a wine drinker. I limit myself to 1-2 glasses a night because alcoholism runs in my family. Wine shopping is always fun when you find that good inexpensive bottle. Is Ms. HT into red wine, white wine, or both? In the summer I will drink Sauvigon Blanc or a dry red rose. You just keep them in the fridge and you drink them cold.

    Perhaps you can also see what I mean when I said that life is like a sine wave, fluctuating up and down. What you want to do is to start working on those highs and lows. The reason I mention highs is that when you have BP you do have watch yourself on both ends of the spectrum.

    One good thing about living with someone is that they can now keep an eye on us. Usually the people around us notice things in us before we do. With someone living with you, perhaps you can begin to notice and even work on the warning signs of a big swing in either direction.

    I hope that you and the girls can continue to get along with each other. It is good to have people in your life.



  2. My L&F is so wise. It is why he is the Most Favored of The Queen’s Court. 😀

    I have especially enjoyed the sine wave analogy. It is an absolute perfect fit for the analogy of BP, and I’ve not read/heard that analogy before. Then again, I’ve yet to reach the platform of wisdom that is Pasha-esque.

    So taking that analogy a step further… perhaps what one must develop a feel for is the cosine? Just a picture running through my head. Pasha would have to then explain what would happen with the sine wave if cosine is interrupted, as I’m no physics/math person. I know of sine waves from the study of sound and oceans.

    And the rest of what my L&F has so eloquently put forth…no further words from The Queen are necessary, except for one… “ditto.” I even agree with moderation… altho’ my basic personality does not internalize that process. 😛

    It is good, Ms. Smrtiepants. Keep up the DBT…it’s doin’ the body/mind good.


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