Glorious Day Off

Today, Matt and I both have the day off.  This in itself is fairly rare.  To add to the gloriousness of it, we don’t have our day jam-packed with things to do.  We are going to be people of leisure.  I told him that there would be no housework, no errands to run.  I managed to get the house clean, the laundry done, and the weekly grocery run completed in the last few days so we should be able to stick to that. 

We are going to go visit my dear godmother, The Bird Lady, and eat chips and dip and be merry.  It will be really good to see her and I can’t wait for her to meet Matt.  I am hoping that she approves because her opinion means a lot to me.  She’s a very neat and interesting lady, with a house full of fabulously eclectic things (just like Mom and me!), a lot of which she has made or restored.  She’s a great story-teller and always sends her email updates to friends and family so that we know what is going on with her, and a lot of times she writes about her childhood and younger years.  I save these emails to show to my children and grandchildren someday, almost like bedtime stories. 

We are also going to celebrate Christmas with Dad and Karen tonight.  I think we’re eating a nice dinner first and then opening presents.  Every year, Dad and Karen give everyone a huge box of assorted food and snacks from around the world.  They hit all of the fun stores in KC, Lawrence, and small towns they visit and come up with some of the neatest stuff.  Oh, and there’s the yearly calendar.  Dad has given wall calendars every year since I can remember.  One year he didn’t, and everyone was really disappointed, because we really do depend on that coming in.  Kind of like when Mom didn’t put electronic toothbrush heads in our stockings and we all freaked out.  🙂

So, Matt and I are off to do some shopping.  I think we’re going to hit the mall and buy me some jeans and check out the candy store that is in there, because Matt has never seen it and, well, the man does love his candy.  We are also going to Famous Footwear because he desparately needs a new pair of tennis shoes and then we’re going to one of the various pet stores to pick up Kizzer some chew toys so that she will stop eating random objects around the house.  🙂

I think today calls for a little Barry White.

Barry White, Can’t Get Enough of Your Love

6 thoughts on “Glorious Day Off

  1. Even when it seems like random blogging, it’s actually not. It’s the event of sticking to a plan, a schedule, a way of life. I applaud you. …XOXO


  2. Hey, Rose,

    Happy New Year! Yep, I said it, and I MEAN it. Get along with it now. I’ll be thinking of you as you decide what your new year is going to look like. Just a moment at a time, right?



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