My Vacation From the Weekend

The beauty of having a full-time, 8-5 job is that the week goes by fast.  Like, lightning fast.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m busy busy busy trying to dig my way out of the huge hole that was left for me, but it feels like it was just Monday.  I don’t know where the time goes. 

Although I had planned for a very active Saturday — going to the museum and a movie after therapy with Goddess of Mindfulness, it hasn’t ended up that way.  And I’m OK.  WITH.  THAT.  At least somewhat.  Dr. Love and I have spent most of the day laying around, which I think was much needed, although it’s possible that we overdid it a bit.  Now I’m ready to DO something.  Not sure what, just feel the need to be somewhat productive; however, the thought of doing dishes or vacuuming or any of the other endless household chores is not appealing. 

Dr. Love and I had a fun Friday night.  I am finally starting to recover from trying to survive my life.  Now I actually have a little energy left and by the time I spring loose from the prison in the evenings, I’m ready to do something other than lay around.  Last night, we took Wizzah to the bark park for the first time.  She absolutely loved it and it was great to see her so damn HAPPY.  She never gets to be around other dogs and it showed this morning how much fun she had, as she tried to sneak out the door to the car not once but twice when we were on our way out.  I believe she was thinking we were going to go party down at the dog park without her. 

I have been working hard at some personal life goals right now.  The first is to stop being Dr. Love’s mother and start focusing on my own shit intead of always being into his.  I have really been neglecting myself and I’m ready to stop doing that, although it’s hard.  Having been working on this for a little over a week, I’d say that I’ve made some real progress and it has made a HUGE difference in the relationship between Dr. Love and I. 

Nothing like a little gangsta rap to make you think.  Tupac, Life Goes On. 


One thought on “My Vacation From the Weekend

  1. I really like gangsta rap if it’s good. Tupac was good.

    Unfortunately, to paraphrase Billy Joel… sometimes the good die young… which is especially true with gangsta rap.

    I find your title interesting… is this a Freudian slip… or do you really mean taking a vacation from the weekend??


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