Work and Play

The weekend has officially started.  On Fridays I work such a short day because of over-time earlier in the week that I don’t really count it as a weekday.  For example, today I’m going to work 9:30 – 3:30 with 30 minutes for lunch.  Can’t beat that with a stick. 

I have a co-worker in another department leaving the facility today because her program funding has been cut.  Everyone in my building (and I do mean EVERYONE) is going out to lunch at a local bar and grill to give her a going-away party.  After much thought and consultation of the Big Dog and QoB, I have decided not to attend.  I really don’t want to, but I wasn’t sure how that would wash.  I don’t want the calories, I don’t really want to spend the money, and I barely know this lady.  I don’t know her enough, in my book, to go spend $10-15 on a lunch that I don’t really want to work while taking a two hour lunch break so that I end up having to stay at work until 5:30.  I feel slightly guilty, but think I’m just going to send her a nice email wishing her well because there is no group card for me to sign, which I find strange. 

I really don’t believe in going out to lunch during the work week — I just can’t justify the money.  It used to be that I would go out to lunch all of the time when I was at the mental health center and would eat fast food a lot when I worked at the home improvement store, but now it is so easy to take my lunch — and it’s so much better for my waistline AND my pocketbook. 

Speaking of which, Dr. Love congratulated me a few days ago about my decrease in “frivolous” shopping.  He says that he is not so worried about money anymore now that I am not spending it all the damn time, and that made me feel good.  It has been one of my goals to cut out excesses and it has been much easier to do here lately, for some reason.  I think I am just being more MINDFUL of the state of our finances.  It’s not that I don’t want things, because I do.  But really, I’m feeling more into positively rewarding good behavior by getting myself something than just buying everything I want whenever I want it.  It’s a refreshing change of pace for me. 

Apparently we are getting ready to get a blizzard.  Big yay.  I don’t ever really understand the forecast — it is either 6-10 inches accumulation over the next two days or a total of 12-20 inches over the next two days.  Either way, that’s a lot more snow than we’ve had in awhile, so this could be a real hibernation weekend for me.  I think I am going to stop at the video store tonight and see about getting a few movies — although everyone else and their mother probably has the same idea. 

I am so ready for Spring.  Just when I thought we were almost there — the grass is turning green, the trees are blooming, there are little daffodils everywhere — we get slammed with snow.  WTF?  I, with the assistance of Dr. Love, have transformed the office into a plant room.  We put up faux stained glass (Perhaps QoB can share a link to the website that she ordered it from, because I am not finding it with my Google!)  on the windows and the sun shines in like crazy, while we don’t have to worry about having blinds because neighbors and passerby can’t see in.  I have several plants in there, especially loving my succulents.  I kind of collect them, mostly because they are awesome, partially because they are hard to kill.  🙂

But really, faux stained glass is fabulous stuff.  We put it on the French doors in the living room first, and it really looks awesome, especially since previously they had just plain plastic mini-blinds.  Maybe at some time I’ll take some pics and link them here — but that will require a bit of help from Dr. Love, as I am not so good with the digital camera yet. 

Queen, Killer Queen

I could listen to Queen all day.  They don’t have a song I dislike.  Rock on, QoB, for introducing them into my life at such an early age. 


3 thoughts on “Work and Play

  1. Well, yes, I had read this post. Hadn’t replied, because there seemed like nothing I could say.

    Ahem… the stained glass film affair was not a google. It was intense research on eBay for the 😀 ….XOXO

    And PS Queen does rock the soul. Never be another quite like ‘im.


  2. A couple posts ago I saw that you are thinking about quiting smoking. It is the hardest thing I have ever done and I have done it twice lol. Luckily I got pregnant months after I quit each time so there wasn’t a choice after the first few months. I used the gum. For me it was totally a psychological thing. I felt like during stressful situations I need a cigarette so instead I chewed a piece of gum. If it was really bad I chewed two. I liked the fact that I was actively doing something rather than the medicine or patch which only delt with the physical withdrawl part not the mental.

    My struggles with weight are always at home. I do great with my calories at work because I plan for it then I go home and it all goes to hell. I can eat 700 calories for breakfast, 2 snacks, and lunch but then I go home I triple my calories for the day. We eat out b/c we are too tired to cook or we have high calorie meals at home like casseroles, tacos, spaghetti, etc. Just keep hanging in there. Have you checked out spark people online? It’s free and has a lot of great tools to keep you on track. It’s kind of like facebook for people trying to loose weight and did I mention that it’s free?

    Stress at work is inevitable and in a way it’s good for us as long as it’s good stress. I like the fact that my days fly by and I feel productive at the end of the day. Yeah it’s a lot of work but work feels good. It will get easier. I think it takes a good 6 months before you feel like you know your job and you have things into a pattern. It’s good to see you blogging again.


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