Series of 8’s

 Adriana has memed me.  And anyone who knows me knows that I love lists, especially lists that are all about me, that I can show a bunch of people without looking self-centered and full of myself.  Yes, I am still that proverbial little kid in the large group of people yelling,

“Hey watch this!!”

“You watching me?  You’d better watch!”

“Hey hey HEY look at what I can do!”

Granted, it was probably a lot cuter at seven than at 27, but being an attention whore is a hard habit to break.  Without further ado — watch this!  😀

8 Things I’m Looking Forward to

1.  My sister’s wedding in November — it’s a mix of emotions, really.  I just want her to be proud to have me up there, and I think she is.

2.  Finishing my 90 day probation period.  I’m dying for a three-day weekend that doesn’t involve death, funerals, or illness.

3.  Planting up my yard and new vegetable garden.  I have big outdoor plans.  If Dr. Love only had any idea what he has gotten himself into. 

4.  The possibility of a kitchen renovation, and by that I mean that I look forward to the finished project.  Chaos and disorder don’t sit well with me. 

5.  Using the “bed and breakfast” coupon that Dad and Karen gave us for Christmas. 

6.  The 4th of friggin July.  ‘Nuff said.

7.  The first tomato sandwich of the season.

8.  Having a primary care physician again.


8 Things I did yesterday

1.  Talked Dr. Love into going to my favorite grocery store, even though he believes it’s over-priced in comparison to his beloved Walmart. 

2.  Laid in bed for over eight hours hoping/praying/begging for sleep.

3.  Looked up Catholic mass times in town.

4.  Talked to the Chaplain at work.

5.  Wrote QoB a supportive email.

6.  Slathered myself in Eucerin lotion, hoping to take away the unbearable ITCHING that has been plaguing my body for over six weeks now.

7.  Ate a large order of Wendy’s french fries as an emotional response to stress.

8.  Reached out to my dad for support, which I never do.


8 Things I wish I could do

1.  Have at least seven sound hours of sleep every night, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

2.  Find total self-confidence overnight.

3.  Give up smoking.

4.  Teach Wizzah how to come when called and make her stop barking at passersby.

5.  Wrangle some self-control in regard to diet, exercise, emotional regulation.

6.  Motivate myself to visit my Grandma.

7.  Have clear skin.

8.  Realize that it’s ok even when it’s not. 


8 Shows I watch like — I don’t watch a lot of TV

1.  Southland

2.  Battlestar Galactica

3.  Law and Order

4.  Jon and Kate Plus 8

5.  Property Virgins

6.  House Hunters International

7.  Gangland

8.  Intervention

2 thoughts on “Series of 8’s

  1. I love reading and taking meme’s like this. Hope you enjoy your sister’s wedding. They freak me out – all that family in one place – eek! At least there will be cake. Yummy yummy cake. I think I will take this meme as well, if you don’t mind.

    Love the grasshopper photo in your header. Did you take that?


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