Giving Birth

To a new blog, that is.  I kind of feel like I have outgrown this one.  I started it during a different chapter in my life, a chapter full of pain, angst, severe depression.  I love this blog because I think that it gives me hope and a sense of being grateful for how far I have come. 

Come visit me and follow me through the next chapter:

Scotch Taped Princess

Changes, TuPac


2 thoughts on “Giving Birth

  1. Yeah, that’s just the way it is. Moving forward, leaving the rest behind. May revisit, but in the meantime, move on.

    Yeppers, tupac told it like it was, for him. Dead-on righteous nigger… and he’s dead.

    Fortunately, for you, you have choices. More than he. But he was an excellent voice to shout it out.

    Thanks for a link to a new part of your life. If you decide to come back, I’ll still be there.



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