Sounding Off

Hallelujah, it’s the weekend!  Work this week was generally painfully slow, although there were some mornings/afternoons that were pretty intense.  That’s the way it goes with any kind of case managment.  It does make me grateful though that I’m no longer doing the case management thing in the community.  I think I’m also feeling particularly grateful for that due to a dream a had last night in which I was fired from my job, had to move in with QoB and Big Dog, was forced to leave Kizzer at home for long hours while I worked at a burger joint, during which time no one fed or petted her.  Could it really get any worse?  Yes, yes it can.  Right before I woke up, I was at a ridiculously loud and obnoxious party where I had to choose between being transported to hell or, um, being transported to go to hell. 

I am totally blaming this dream on the new show, Caprica, which premiered last night on the SyFy channel.  It was horribly disappointing, especially if you were hoping for anything like BattleStar Galactica.  I suppose, however, that if you generally watch those crappy B-list TV shows and movies that SyFy puts out (with the exception of possibly Stargate, the newest version being Universe), then you may have enjoyed it, or will enjoy it and should just DVR the damn thing so you never miss it.  I now know why WWE wrestling is advertised on SyFy.  ‘Nuff said.

So, yes, surprise!  I have turned out to be a rather picky geek when it comes to sci-fi television and movies.  I attribute this to Big Dog’s lifelong obsession with the channel and Dr. Love’s fascination with all things sci-fi, including SyFy TV.  If it became a pay-channel, I would totally buy the tier so I could have it (kind of like we had to buy the tier to have the Discovery channel and ended up with a ton of sports and news stations). 

Ok, enough about TV, because I could really go on and on about it.  I can just see QoB shaking her head and saying that TV is a waste of time and my Dad thinking “I wonder if she happened to catch the series about George Washington on PBS?”  They obviously don’t share my passion for SyFy or the numerous crime shows I watch.

My goals for the weekend are simple.  I generally get all worked up about something and have a huge list that just riddles me with anxiety because I know it won’t all get done.  This weekend, I plan on relaxing.relaxing.relaxing.  Something I don’t do very well.  So far my only confirmed plans are a late celebration of QoB’s double-nickel birthday on Sunday and basketball games tonight with Dad.  In between, I picture myself playing my piano, watching things off my DVR, spending time with Matt, going for some leisurely walks.  Of course, I have a list of things in my head that I would like to get done…going to the grocery store (an every weekend thing), washing the Kizz, washing my car, doing my floors, doing laundry (although Dr. Love always ends up with the brunt of that), returning the final Christmas gifts to the mall (ARGH…the mall!), general cleaning, getting cigarettes, picking up Dr. Love’s cake that my well-meaning aunt baked for him because QoB’s dogs ate an entire chocolate cake and he didn’t get a piece and so on and so on. 

Well now.  I don’t sound like I’ve had a pot of coffee and an hour in front of my sun lamp, now do I?  😀

Bear McCreary, Shape of Things to Come, from the BattleStar Galactica soundrack


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