Why I <3 Fridays

One of the drawbacks to living (and loving) a computer geek is that, sometimes, you come into the computer room in the morning, really just wanting to wake up, and find that the computer screen in front of your face is not displaying your computer.  It is often that the computer on the screen is reinstalling Windows or some such business.  Then you look down and see that Dr. Love (or some midnight computer elves) have taken one of the 15 stripped computers from the basement, put it back together, and there are grand plans for it’s new uses.  Lovely.

So here I sit, in front of Dr. Love’s computer.  His actual computer.  And I wonder, why doesn’t he ever use his own monitor/mouse/keyboard to play with a new computer?  Why is it that I have to wake up to this atrocity without having had a full cup of coffee?  The answer — it’s more convenient to play with computers at my desk, apparently.  If I didn’t love him so much and really find all of this fairly amusing, I’d go crazy.

So it’s finally Friday.  Jeans day, oh yeah!  Morale would SO be boosted if every day could be jeans day, but alas, this will never be the case.  I think we should just thank the new warden for giving it to us every Friday instead of only on paydays.  It just makes life so much easier.  No worries about matching that shirt with those pants or what shoes to wear.  It’s just JEANS, people.

I am proud of myself for eating a decent breakfast this morning.  There is nothing like starting the day with some frosted mini-wheats and a good cup of iced coffee.  I stayed up until my normal time last night and got up at 7:00 a.m., which wasn’t really my goal, but getting up at 8:00 a.m. can leave me in a pinch for time, especially when I still have to pack my lunch.  Taking care of those PLEASE skills on my diary card, dontcha know.

Big plans for the weekend, as usual.  Building structure can be checked off on my diary card.  On Saturday, I have therapy with Goddess of Mindfulness.  I’m really looking forward to it, especially since I’ve been using my skills so much.  ‘Tis always better to have the daily crap somewhat under control so the bigger issues can be addressed.  On Saturday evening, Dr. Love and I will be going to QoB and Big Dog’s.  We haven’t really seen them and spent any time for a few weeks now, with everyone’s busy schedules.  It will be good to catch up, maybe gossip about Grandma for awhile.  😀

This weekend is the big tournament for my favorite basketball team.  Generally, I’d be there all four days (Thurs-Sun), but that just wasn’t in the cards this year.  Dad and I are going to drive up on Sunday, eat lunch at some Chinese place he likes, and then watch the championship games.  It would be great if our team was playing, but even if not, we’ll get to see some great games!

Queen, Under Pressure

2 thoughts on “Why I <3 Fridays

  1. I have arrived. Launched. Actually have a userid and pw again. WTF… life is so damned hard.

    If I lived with a computer geek, he/she would be buried in the back 40, under soft ground, with leaves gently sprinkled over the hole. Do you have any idea what trust I give to Dr Love, to even sit down at one of my comps? 😀

    Then again… he knows if it’s screwed up royally when he leaves… he’ll be in a large soft-ground hole out back, with leaves gently sprinkled over the immediate area.

    Ahem.. jeans days are highly underrated for morale boosters. Once I rule my world, jeans day will be every day. Some @hole at work recently said to me (an XY, of course) why does it even matter? I’m comfortable…(in my broken down khakis with frayed heels that haven’t seen an iron or washing machine for months.) Attempted to explain that when one wears JEANS, it rules IN a hella lot of tops. ’tis a never-ending battle.

    When I die, I soooo want to be buried in jeans. Of course my favorite quiver of arrows and blunt-stone axe can be also buried with me. But, please, leave me in Kansas. 😀

    I must learn more about “please.” Have not a f’g clue. But tomorrow is another day.

    Don’t pass the chicken, and keep goin. …XOXO


  2. I miss jeans day. At WSU we had jeans day on Fridays and semi-casual summers. I loved summers! The only problem was that in jeans parents thought I was a student worker in the office. We don’t have jeans day here 😦 however I work in my PJ’s at home as of last week. So far it is working very nicely. I concur…more information is needed on the “please” part of the diary card.

    It was so good to see you the other day! Wish we lived closer.


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