The last 24 hours have been less than stellar.  For the most part, Mother’s Day was stellar.  I got to see Dad and Karen in the morning and then my mom and sister and Kyle in the afternoon.  I was really happy with the gifts I picked out for people and it was nice to be able to see Ab and give her a birthday present.

Around 3:00 yesterday, I started to get this huge headache.  It just kept getting worse and worse and finally started to make me nauseous.  I laid down at my mom’s and slept for a couple of hours and felt much better.  I was pretty sure it was a fluke thing and wasn’t a big deal.  Unfortunately, I spent all morning vomiting with an even bigger headache.  I regretfully called in sick to work, worried because I had a few big things going on today, but I was in no shape whatsoever to leave the area between my bathroom and bedroom, nevertheless take a shower and head into work.

My supervisor, also out sick today.  And now Dr. Love is reporting that he does not feel well.  To top it off, I just talked to QoB and she has a bad headache and is queasy, possibly also spiking a fever.  Lovely.  I have spread the plague.

I ended up sleeping all day.  Literally, all day.  I’ve been up for a little over an hour now and I’m feeling exhausted.  I think I am going to take a shower and then head for bed again.  Hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning.


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