Spreading the Plague

I’m on day five of feeling like crap.  I feel okay when I wake up, but once I start moving around, I get throbbing headaches and feel nauseous all day.  It’s really getting on my nerves and making me feel grumpy.  Dr. Love has been sick, as well, but seems to be feeling better other than a constantly running nose.  Now I just can’t wait to catch the cold that he’s had, and maybe if he’s lucky, he can avoid this stomach bug.

I got up early this morning and cleaned up the house, did some laundry.  I like getting up early, getting some things done, but I generally pay for it later with the lack of sleep.  I think all the sleep I’ve had this week has my tank on at least half-full.  I am sleeping when I get home from work, then going to bed again around 9:00 p.m.  I did, however, stay up a little bit later last night because I was watching the train wreck that is this new show on TLC.  I don’t even remember what it is called, but it’s about “strange obsessessions.”  One of the girls ate chalk, the other was addicted to tanning.  Um, yeah.  Strange.

All is well at work, although I don’t feel like I have really been in the groove this week, due to not feeling well.  It seems like there is a tension in the air in my office, but that’s probably in my head because I don’t feel like really interacting with anyone.  I think my office-mates are leaving me alone because they know I don’t feel well.  At least I am getting my work done and will hopefully be back to my chipper and friendly self here soon.  I think a little bit of my perception of tension at the office has to do with missing work on Monday and leaving early on Tuesday.  Don’t wanna get in trouble, don’t think I am in trouble, but I worry about it all the same.  I have a pretty supportive supervisor and no one really wants me there if I’m sick.

I have an appointment with the pdoc this a.m.  I don’t have much to report to her, other than my new diet and getting on the CPAP.  Likely will just get some refills and get out of there quick, that’s what I’m hoping.  Also hope I don’t get a lecture about quitting DBT, but it’s something I am willing to discuss, just not something I am willing to do again at this point.

Poor Kizzer has really been feeling the effects of Dr. Love and I sleeping our lives away and being sick.  Dr. Love was convinced yesterday that she was sick, too, because she was really lethargic and wimpy.  I told him that he needed to treat her like a dog and she was fine, she just needed some love and attention.  I took her with me when I went to pick up my step-mom from her haircut and then stayed awake all evening, which seemed to help rejuvenate her little doggie spirits.  Other than the ridiculous thunder and lightning, I think she had a pretty good night.

So the diet continues to go well, especially with this whole nausea thing…hahah.  I am finding that I can tolerate my shakes and some soup for dinner, but that’s about it.  Dr. Love keeps saying that he can tell that I am losing, and that support makes me feel even more motivated.  I do think I’m going to have quite a bit of droopy skin, however, and need to start exercising.  I have been parking further and further away from the entrance to my office and have been trying to walk back and forth between compounds when I need to get somewhere, but have not been able to really do that this week, as I feel I am getting ready to die when I even move.

The Ramones, I Wanna Be Sedated

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