The Grumpies

Life has been pretty stressful lately.  We are in the midst of moving out of our little house into a much bigger house.  The new house is my godmother and godfather’s house that they had lived in for about 40 years until recently.  My godmother passed about a year ago and about three months ago, my godfather had a fall and then a stroke and is no longer able to live independently.

I love living in this house, don’t get me wrong.  However, we have not had the estate sale and all of their belongings (40 years worth) are cluttered here and there and the living room is full of boxes.  We don’t have any of our own furniture here, either.  The bed we are sleeping on is comfortable and brand-new, so that’s not an issue, but we have such comfy couches at the old house and I can’t wait to get them over there and get my big new living room set up with the gas fireplace.  It feels like home, in a way, because I spent so much time here growing up,  but I am ready to have much less clutter.

I have been going through a sort of mixed state lately.  I am attributing it to a complete lack of sleep, which leads to crappy eating, which just leads to more misery.  Work has also been really stressful lately and hopefully that will get better coming up after two meetings I have with Administration next week.  It has just been a lot to get ready for.

Matt and I have been going through a kind of rough time lately.  We have problems communicating and sometimes aren’t able to tell each other when one pisses the other off or hurts their feelings, etc.  We had a talk a little over a week ago and I was almost positive we were going to break up.  But, we’re not and we’re working on it.  Things have been better since.

So, house stress, work stress, relationship stress.  It is even affecting my digestive system.  I just want things to be back to normal, predictable.


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