Just Like A Grizzly Bear

I am feeling rather pissy this morning.  It may be due to the fact that I slept like crap.  Apparently I was sleeping a little too deeply last night and had drank too many fluids right before bed.  You get the idea.  Bleh.

I’m sitting in my bird room with the two parrots I have quasi-inherited/taken over since Gav has been in the nursing home.  I love these birds and I don’t know if he really gets that.  I hope he does, hope he doesn’t move to Mobile, hope my birdies don’t go away.  I suppose I would come to an understanding if that were the way it would go, but it would make me feel like crap.

This weekend wasn’t terribly remarkable.  We went to a street festival with an amazing fireworks show on Saturday with my step-sister (my new bestest friend) and her husband.  It was fun, but DAMN, it was hot.  It was good to get out, though, even if it did mean that I stayed up way too late two days in a row. 

I am getting a lot out of my Pandora lately and have been featuring songs from it the last couple of posts.  I am actually getting a lot out of blogging, as well.  No promises that I can keep it up, but I’m gonna try.  Just like anything, it’s hard to get into a routine.

I know I’d like to get into an exercise routine.  I was thinking about joining Weight Watchers, but have decided against it.  I have done almost everything possible throughout my lifetime to lose weight.  I’ve done diet pills, drank shakes, done Weight Watchers, and so on and so forth.  Nothing has ever had a lasting effect.  I know when I was feeling my best, I was just watching what I ate (through counting WW points) and walking my dog. 

The plan is to go purchase some points books at WW and get out and walk the dog.  It would be easier if the heat index wasn’t 105 degrees when I got home, but I can come up with another million excuses, too.

It seems like I never have enough time in the morning to do all of the things I want to do, especially on Mondays.  I detest Mondays, although  I know that is a fairly common feeling among most working folks.  But really, really, I detest Mondays.  It is so hard to get back into the swing of things. 

Dr. Love and I are getting along better, trying to work on the whole communication thing.  It is an uphill battle sometimes, but it seems like we are both putting in more effort.  Apparently relationships take hard work.  I know I’ve heard that somewhere, and it appears to be true.  Who would’ve thought?!?

I have been trying to stay more in touch with my family up North.  I would love to go up there for a visit, but can’t ever seem to string any vacation time together.  Maybe in the Spring.  Now that I have more room, I would love for any of them to come here.  Maybe Cousin Carrie and her boyfriend will come, which she has mentioned.  It would be awesome to see them all again.  It sucks living so far away from all that family. 

Regina Spektor, The Calculation

3 thoughts on “Just Like A Grizzly Bear

  1. Rose, This is a great way to get you thoughts out. I am really bad a journally on paper, which I am supposed to do, but you do this so well, and it is so well spoken. I LOVE that song, and what on earth is that machine in the picture where all of the keys add up to nine, I couldn’t figure it up, maybe a phone comany thing. I will definately try to keep this read, and go back and read the old ones. Please let me know if there are any I should avoid. Thanks, Stephanie


  2. Thanks for reading, Stephanie. I hope it can help, to have someone to relate to. As far as reading the old ones, I don’t really go into detail about any trauma or anything, but there is a lot of despairing, especially in the first year or so of blogging. It is pretty clear to see the ups and downs in my life.


  3. Yes, ’tis a most powerful journal. Not always kept. Always kept well to heart. Welcome.

    One thing about MsSmartiepants… hella powerful writer, with some excellent insight, and useful tips of survival.



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