Discovering My Path

The last few weeks have been fairly difficult.  There has been the moving, the relationship stress, the work stress.  Blah blah blah and so on and so on.  The good news is that I finally feel like that dark cloud is lifting, or at least the sun is shining on my face a little bit.

I had two big meetings yesterday at work with Administration about two different new curriculums I am taking part in.  The first meeting was about the parenting curriculum I was trained in a few weeks ago.  It is going to take up about 12 hours a week and I had thought (and was told by my direct supervisor after the fact) that I would not have to be a part of it because I didn’t have enough free time.  Well, that’s all out of the water now, because Administration has decided that I do have to teach the class.  It is a three month program, but I will only have to teach it once a year.  Two other staff members were trained at the same time and we will each do one session of it a year, so it will be offered three times a year, which is what they wanted.  The first session will be taught by all three of us together, so we can get the hang of it, and then we’re on our own.  It starts in October.  I think I am just glad to get a final decision on it so I can anticipate what is coming.

The second meeting was about the trauma groups I am developing.  In the last few weeks, I have been putting together a curriculum and writing up a proposal.  My direct supervisor warned me not to get too attached to it or to put too much work into it because, bottom-line, it is all up to what the warden wants to happen.  It turns out we didn’t even look at my proposal yesterday and the conclusion was come to that we needed to form a committee to do further research.  As QoB says, that’s state government at work.  So, it will be turning into a big, huge, multi-level project instead of the small groups I had planned on leading.  I suppose I’m ok with that, just not what I had expected.

So, overall, the work stress is on hold.  I have a plan, I know what I need to do, and am not being rushed into putting together the trauma curriculum.  I am fairly happy that I will be able to do the parenting curriculum because it really IS interesting.  It will just be odd to do a class on parenting when I am not a parent.  Oh well, I’ve led groups on substance abuse and am not a drug addict, so I’m sure I can figure it out!

I have invited Sara, Dusty, and Austin to dinner tonight and hoping they can come.  Plans are for spaghetti with fresh mushrooms, garlic bread, and something green.  I have found that I really like entertaining in the new house, what with the huge kitchen.  I have known for awhile now that I like to cook and it is even more the case now that I have this awesome kitchen.  The kitchen was the first area that I made totally my own when we moved in.  It has always been the center of things in the hub-bub of home life, since I was a kid.  Love it!

I am hopeful for a good day at work today.  After all, it is hump-day and I have a schedule full of people to see today, which always makes the day go by faster.  Wednesdays are actually my favorite day of the week (not counting thhe weekend).  Something about being half-way done with the work-week just appeals to me.

Jack Johnson, Bubble Toes


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