Surrounded by Love

This weekend was really unbelievable.  I may have felt like crap the whole time, but there was love and support all around me.  I feel very fortunate to have my family and Dr. Love in my life.  I may not say it enough, show it enough, but these three people are my everything.  I would be so very lost without them.

I am pretty sure that I have made it clear that the chaos of the new house has been getting to me.  In response, QoB, Big Dog, Dr. Love, and Annette spent the last three days at my house working on cleaning up the house so it is more liveable.  The garage has been totally cleaned out, tables have been set up for the sale, and all of the items that were stacked in the living room (making that room totally unusable) have been moved out.  That all got finished up on Saturday evening.

My inital plan had been to have my step-sister’s husband help Dr. Love and I with moving in the living room furniture ASAP so we could get it going.  Much to my surprise, Big Dog instead offered to help paint the living room.  Sondra always had horrible taste in wall-paint, to say the least.  He just gives and gives and never stops.  I love that about him and I am still always pleasantly surprised when he puts himself out there, because the depth and strength of his love is always so intense, yet always there, just like a rock.  I love you, Big Dog.

So Big Dog and QoB came over again yesterday.  Big Dog and Dr. Love painted, QoB cleared all of Sondra’s belongings out of the bedroom, including knicknacks, and I kind of floated around, helping where I could.  It’s so much work and stuff that it’s kind of overwhelming.  And I’m not actually allowed to paint.  That’s how bad at it I am.

It is amazing what a coat of paint to the ceiling and the walls did for that living room.  It’s so bright and cheery now.  I love it.  It is almost done, save for painting the fireplace and putting a second coat here and there on the walls.  Dr. Love ran out of paint last night around 9:00 and is going to go pick up more today to get it finished.  He initally was unsure about the color, but it is very close to the color of the living room at the old house, which he loved.  Now that it is getting more finished, he is really liking it.  Knew he would.  🙂

We went ahead and bought paint for the dining room and kitchen, too.  The paint strip ranges from a dark orangey color to a light salmon color.  We are doing the light salmon color in the living room, and eventually all the hallways.  The light salmon color in the living room will transition into one shade darker in the dining room and then two shades darker for one of the walls in the kitchen (an accent wall) and the fireplace will match that kitchen wall.  I absolutely love it and give much props to QoB for helping me come up with that design.

I have also decided what colors to paint the bedroom.  I am going to do one accent wall in a light teal color and then the rest of the room in a really light khaki brown, similar to the color of the bedroom at the old house, but lighter.  Then in the upstairs office, I think I’ll do a really light mossy green color.  I’m going to leave the bathroom as is, because it was recently updated and I like it.  Then the basement will need to be painted and I’m not sure what color that will be…that’ll be another project, maybe over the winter.  The carpet is a pinkish-tan.  Love the carpet, it has a really cool pattern in it, but am not thrilled with the pinkish walls.  Will really have to ponder that one.

It feels really good to be making the house ours.  One of my main concerns with it had been how dark all of the rooms are, but with the living room freshly painted, I can see how the rest of the house is really going to turn around.

Many many thanks to QoB, Big Dog, Dr. Love, and Annette this weekend for all of their hard work.  I love you guys MTLI.

The Jackson Five, I’ll Be There


One thought on “Surrounded by Love

  1. Yeppers, we’ll be there.

    From my standpoint, cannot speak to anyone else. Yes, there’s love and support. But there’s also respect.

    You appear to “get it” fairly well, of what’s given to you. And not give quite enough kudos for what you give to others.

    ’tis a circle ya know? One both gives and receives. Let’s not forget the part of the circle (you) that makes it a whole.

    Perhaps remember what you contribute to the whole??

    … XOXO


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