Working on the Homestead

A very early morning yesterday led to no blog yesterday.  I had to go to a committee meeting on policy-making for domestic violence perpetrated from prison.  We were supposed to leave at 7:00 a.m., so I was there bright and early, all bushy-tailed, and the person I was going with didn’t show up until 7:30 a.m.  Ugh, whatever.  That’s annoying.

Dr. Love and I did a bunch of work on the old house yesterday evening.  He spent all day over there and really did a lot of work.  By the time I came over after work, he had most of it under control and we’ve been able to check most everything off the list.  After another day’s work, we’ll have the list done and then will be able to work on a few extra projects over there to make it look nice to sell.  It’s amazing what a little sanding and paint can do here and there.

The living room has been completely painted in the new house, save for a wall that will need to be wallpapered and the fireplace.  We tried to paint the fireplace a few shades darker than what the living room walls are, and now the whole living room looks like a tribute to breast cancer survivors.  Very very pink.  We’re putting our heads together with QoB and are going to figure something out that dulls the overall pinkish color of that room.  It’s really a light peach color, but apparently it has a little too much red in it.

The Rolling Stones, Paint it Black


One thought on “Working on the Homestead

  1. been thinkin’ a lot lately about domestic violence. and shades of peach that go south.

    Thinkin’ real seriously ’bout loadin’ up for bear. And bushy-tailed folks… yeppers, bushy-tailed folks.

    Ahem… in the overall schemta of thangs, doubt that domestic violence will serve us well.

    Shades of southern peach are highly correctable.

    bushytailed folks should be shot on sight… with a well-aimed high-power pellet gun.

    And in the overall ridiculopathy of life, ain’t any of it gonna matter a month from now. 😉

    Don’t care if it rains or freezes, long as I’ve got my plastic Jesus, glued to the dashboard of my car.

    Okay, too much for some. BUT…. BUT… those who know and love me will just laugh.

    ’tis just about that important, in the overall of one’s life. How ’bout those bears??? The non-peeple-eatin’-ones, of course. 😀


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