Memory: Error, Access Denied

It has been a few days since I have blogged, and I have been sitting here trying to think exactly what I have been up to.  I’m drawing a blank.  With the moving, cleaning up the old house, work, and housework at the new house, all the days are kind of running together.

Dr. Love made all the repairs on the old house.  Namely sanding, painting, and more painting.  It is looking really good and I’m thinking, “Hmph, why didn’t we do this awhile ago?”  It is amazing what a new coat of paint will do.

QoB came over yesterday and rescued me at the old house.  I was trying to pack up all the valuables and other assorted clutter, and I was just  I find that kind of thing very overwhelming, like, “Where do I start?”  Well, she was in high gear, as always, and helped me get everything packed.  I brought over most of it to the new house yesterday and now all that is left to do at the old house is clean and stage furniture.

Dad is going to meet me at the old house at 10:00 this morning and help me for a few hours with cleaning.  I think with Dad and Dr. Love’s help, we ought to be able to get the house mostly ready by Monday.  So we can get it on the market and sell.sell.sell.  It really is a cute house in a great neighborhood and I am hoping it will sell quickly.  It seems like the housing market here in town is still pretty good.

I have had a nice morning so far.  I talked to Dad and he is going to save me a trip to the Rez and pick my cigs up when he goes up today to get cigs for his clients.  After I talked to him, I fed the birds and gave them a bath.  They really like that, especially Kess.  Kizzie got a little jealous, think she is jonesing for a bath, too.

I’m starting Kizz on some new dog food today.  We have been feeding her Prairie Lamb and Oatmeal and it has gotten ridiculously expensive.  It’s almost $70 for a 40# bag, and it takes her about three months to go through it, but still.  Now we’re trying Taste of the Wild Bison.  I think she might do better with it because it has no grain in it, which she seems to be allergic to (other than oatmeal).  We shall see.  She’s a very allergic little dog — allergic to grains, chicken, etc.  She has been having some food allergy symptoms lately, but I really think that is due to eating the bird seed that the birds throw on the floor.  I try to keep it vacuumed up every day, but she still manages to get in there and feast during the day right after they’ve eaten.

I am really hoping we can get the other house taken care of this weekend so the week can be more focused on work and taking care of the new house.  I am fairly confident we can get it done today, which would be important so we can get it on the market.

Kate Nash, Merry Happy


3 thoughts on “Memory: Error, Access Denied

  1. Ahem… “high gear” as always. What does this mean? Do you really want the outside world to see your mother as the Enegizer Bunny??

    Altho’ I’ll admit, I can keep a beat, and pink isn’t my worst color.

    Amazing transformations are taking place. We must remember to stop, and live our lives in the process. If we don’t have that, we have nothing. 😉


  2. Oh Madre, you’re hysterical. ANYONE that knows you or even knows OF you, knows that you are a little brunette Energizer Bunny. But, hate to tell ya, pink really isn’t your color. I think of you more as a sea-foam green Energizer Bunny. LOL

    Yes, amazing transformations are taking place. I totally agree. It’s very easy to get caught up in the hubbub, but I hope that over the last couple of days I have let myself enjoy it, if only a little bit.

    How’s your Hanta Virus going?!? 😀


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