Snap Out of It

I have had several good days in a row, so I am thinking that the mixed state is passing.  Finally.  I attribute it to spending time with people I love, talking.talking.talking with Dr. Love, getting the houses in order, and therapy.  It has really been a turning of the mind.  Sometimes you just have to “act as if.”

As I mentioned, the houses are coming together.  We heard back from the appraiser on the old house and it is not being valued at nearly what we think it should be.  If we sell now, we wouldn’t get back the investment and work we have put into it, so we’re not selling.  We are going to rent for now, and hope that the market gets better someday and we can sell.

QoB, Big Dog, Dr. Love, and I are headed to the old house to spruce it up a little and make it more rent-able.  We are going to put in some quarter-round in a few places that need it, caulk the bathroom, and lay new linoleum in the bathroom.  I’m sure we’ll come up with a few other projects, too, but that’s where we’re starting.  QoB and Big Dog both say we won’t be there all afternoon and night, so that’s positive.  I’ve been getting burned out on the non-stop working.

We took yesterday afternoon off and I got a lot accomplished at the new house.  I also took a nap, which was much needed.  Even though I have been getting plenty of sleep, I’ve felt so very tired.  I attribute it to all of the hard work and busy-ness of the last few weeks.  That, and the heat.  The heat just sucks it right out of you and we have been in a heat advisory for the past couple of weeks, maybe longer.  It has been a very hot summer.

It seems that Kizz is liking and adjusting well to her new food.  I am still mixing it with the old, but I noticed today that she had picked all of the new food out and left the old.  Guess she is trying to tell me she is ready to make the switch completely.  She is soooo getting a bath this weekend, even if it kills us.  She ended up with a hot-spot by her tail but it is getting better.  Really have to keep an eye on that dog with her itchy skin or she’d be bald.

The anniversary of Grandpa’s death is coming up later this month.  I do miss him but I have come a long way in accepting his death and coming to terms.  I am not saying that I won’t be affected and am not being affected, I am just saying that it is easier to deal with and that is a good thing.

Things for Dr. Love and I have been going really fabulously.  We are communicating, spending quality time together, and really enjoying each other’s company.  I think it is safe to say that we are through the rough patch and are moving on to higher ground, safe from flood waters of despair and despondency.

Basically, life as I know it is good, and even when the tough moments get a-going, I am able to pull myself out.  Just put some ice on it, ok?

Little old school throw-back:

City High, What Would You Do


One thought on “Snap Out of It

  1. And so, we lied about time. But not really… because we never have a stinkin’ clue about how long it will take.

    Seriously need to schedule in being f’g older soon. Drat. Does make a difference.

    But ’tis all good.


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