Fiesta Birthday

Birthday celebrations commence today for my 29th.  I’m almost 30 and I’m not freaking out, NOT EVEN A LITTLE.  Haha.  My actual birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but in true Rose fashion, I will be celebrating all week.

Dad is throwing me a little fiesta this evening.  My hopes are that my very pregnant step-sister and fam will be able to participate.  She is scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday but may have the baby before then.  Either way, I just hope that she and the baby come out of the ordeal happy and healthy.

Tomorrow night is dinner at Mom’s.  My every-year birthday dinner — BBQ chicken, fideo, and asparagus.  Oh-so-tasty.  Big Dog is the best griller in town.  Then on Saturday, we are going out on the lake.  I’m sure it will be plenty hot enough, which is funny, because my birthday usually starts to mark the downturn of summer, but I don’t think that will be the case with the weather we have been having and is forecasted.

Dr. Love and I had a nice, relaxing evening last night.  No obsessing about the houses, just chillaxin’.  I even was able to watch a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy that I had DVR’d.  Apparently I missed an entire season, which I am now able to catch up on.

I’ve been up since early o’ clock today, getting a few things done.  I figure that’s fine, since I went to bed last night at 8:00 p.m.  What can I say, I was very tired and brain-drained from my meeting with the statistician who will be directing the pilot studies of my new trauma groups.  Looks like I am going to be swamped at work now, but that’s good because sometimes I don’t have enough to do and I find myself doing busy-work, which can get boring.   I am ready to be challenged!

MGMT, Kids


One thought on “Fiesta Birthday

  1. Yeppers, you’re challenged. So is your Madre. LOL…

    Getting ready to revisit the pains of labor in a few hours. Holding it close to my heart… back to the days when folks did Lamaze and meant it. No epidurals or C-sections… Momma said, huh-uh. My way or the highway.

    But the contractions were most glorious… enough so that there were scattered groupings of student nurses invited in to watch the monitor of whatevah skritch across a screen. Evidently most impressive.

    ’twas a true event. And the result was hella priceless. Good times, good times.

    Have I mentioned how blessed I am? Seriously. Dammit… quit laughing, ….XOXO MTLI


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