Temporary as a State of Being

I have been sicker than a dog since Thursday night.  Still am a bit sick, to a degree.  I think the five hour nap in the middle of the day today speaks to that.  I am no longer running a fever, though, so progress is being made.  I hate being sick…there was so much I wanted to do this weekend!

Spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.  I don’t know where I would be without you, oh frozen meatballs!  QoB gave us some BBQ chicken that I am making into salad for lunches this week.  Of course Dr. Love would eat none of this BBQ chicken because he claims to only like breast meat.  Such a PITA.  Whatev.  More for me.

QoB has been working her tail off at the other house all weekend, getting it ready for the renter.  I went to her house this morning with the attention of helping her get a few things done, and didn’t end up with much accomplished.  At least I brought her some coffee, so all was not lost.  I also vacuumed her floors, which is something I have really been wanting to do at my house, as well.

I left from her house still feeling pretty good.  I had spent all day Friday and Saturday in bed and it was nice to be doing something for a change.  I went up to the Rez and bought cigs, then back into town for what I had hoped would be a productive afternoon.

I hit a huge wall of fatigue and general ickiness when I was 0n my way back into town.  By the time I made it home, I went to bed and stayed there until almost 6:00 p.m.  I finally got up and sat around feeling rather sickly for awhile.

Then I realized I hadn’t had any fluids today except a Diet Coke at QoB’s house.  So I downed a bunch of OJ and water and am feeling more “with it.”  Now that I have had an actual meal and some fluids, I think I am on the mend.  I am still going to bed early to be on the safe side.

My lists that help me…

Temporary things:

1) illness

2) Dr. Love’s crappy work schedule

3) anxiety

4) fleeting and unexpected kindness from strangers

And in the long run, I can always count on:

1) The love of my family

2) Dr. Love

3) Kizzie (I will have her cryogenically frozen, if need be)

4) frozen meatballs


Alan Jackson, Red on a Rose

One thought on “Temporary as a State of Being

  1. Ok, so I didn’t go to bed early. Did way too much yesterday and ended up feeling like crap again and my fever is back. I am trying to take it easy today, but there is a lot I want to accomplish. At least Dr. Love went to the grocery store for me. Sitting up is overrated, I’m gonna head back to the couch.

    Peace y’all.


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