Consider it Googled

First day back to work since the plague struck last Thursday.  I thought I would feel kind of crappy by the end of the day, and did to a certain extent.  For one thing, I was not really hungry all day.  I had a few Triscuits for breakfast and then some almonds around noon.  Oh, and I guess Dr. Love was really generous and gave me a whole corner of his chicken sandwich.  Other than that, nothing.  Strange for me, because usually I eat regular meals.  Maybe I should get sick more often.

The hand sanitizer and bleach spray are coming out in full force at work.  I had our porter deep-clean my office today and even talked her into leaving me with my own little bottle of bleach spray.  Inmates use my phone sometimes, and it is in style in prison to wear a lot of Vaseline on your hair.  Um, yeah.

I knew that flu season was coming because there is a gallon size bottle of pump hand sanitizer at the access points to the facility.  And it’s gone done about a quarter since they put it up new this morning.  Prisons are disgustingly full of germs.  Almost more MRSA than in a hospital.

So, I need to get my flu shots.  I am going to check and see if they give them at the clinic at work, because they do a lot of times.  My co-workers scoff at that and tell me they wouldn’t go in there if they were dying, but that’s who did my shots last year and it worked out just fine.  I think it really depends who is on duty, and if that nurse on duty actually knows and likes you or thinks you are just that uppity DOC bitch.

After getting off work, I went to the grocery store.  And started to feel hungry.  You know that’s never a good thing.  I stayed to my list, but also bought some soy cheese that I am hoping isn’t as revolting as soy yogurt is.  I actually had to throw that stuff out.  And, yes, Dr. Love, I did throw away an entire half-gallon of Walmart brand chocolate soy milk.  Wasn’t even edible.  Here, I owe you $2.50.  We’ll just put it in your brownie points account.

I am now having the perfect evening.  I am blogging with a Chelada at hand, an amazing dinner bubbling away.  I accepted (at least for today) that I still have a lot to do at work, but I don’t need to give it a second’s thought after I clock out.  I petted my dog, chatted with my birds, and planned out some dinners for later this week.  It’s all very luverly.

And before ya know it, Dr. Love will be home and I can regale him with stories about taking 25 items through the self-checkout line at Dillons, incurring the wrath of that young mother buying store-bought cookies last minute for some Halloween event.

Speaking of Halloween, my dental hygienist asked me today if I have decorated for Halloween.  When I said, “Ahhhh no” she asked me, in the most serious of voices, if I was going to put up any fall decorations.  I think Megan has a little Martha in her.

My step-mom has decorated for fall.  It is very pretty, but at this point I am just thankful to be not living in chaos.  We still have tons of boxes out in the garage!  And a downstairs bedroom that hasn’t been put together yet.

But I do admit, I’m jealous of those people that decorate for fall/winter/spring.  I wish I had those kind of Martha moments in me, and sometimes I think I do, but my Martha energy almost always gets diverted into cooking.  Or coming up with a new way to organize something.  Or sitting at QoB’s table drinking Cheladas, stirrin’ up shit.  You SO know that Martha does that.  She totally does.

May I just mention how disappointed I am that Pandora has flipped it’s white belly to the corporate blady-blah and, well it just sucks now.  Commercials and all.  Time listening limits.  And when you create a station, it will start to suck after about a month.  This issue may be why the music I have been sharing is less than stellar, or it may be because this post makes #232 and I’m running out of songs I like.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

Kate Nash, Im Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance”

One thought on “Consider it Googled

  1. Ah, my love… you make me laugh. In a delighted sort of way. You’re truly headed down life’s path. ThankyouJesusAndPassThePicklesAmen.

    ’tis good. The thinking, the pondering, the angst… journaling at its very best. F’g priceless commentary on life. You go g’friend. No one but you can do it.

    Ummmm… I’m thinkin’ pick a Graceland song, our old friend Paul. Surely ya can find one that speaks to ya??

    If not…. I’ll have to hoopty-hoooya with some Santana. 😀


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