Pass the Lactaid, Please

Up and at ’em bright and early, for numerous reasons.  Numero uno is because my eating habits have turned to shit.  I keep eating junk food and junk food and more junk food.  I really need to go to the grocery store, but at the same time am totally uninspired and kind of depressed about my new lactose-free life.  I think that’s why I have been rebelling with french fries and chips.  I miss my yogurt and cheese, dammit!

Previous to my current lactose-free status, I consumed probably four or five dairy servings each day.  Mostly in healthy snack-form…yogurt, sugar free pudding, string cheese.  Without those staples, I am stumped.  Literally stumped.  There are not many convenience foods I can eat without getting sick, and, being so unmotivated and lazy and despairing, I keep eating chips.  And french fries.  And hamburgers.  And ridiculously expensive salads.  Now it’s the grease, salt, and sugar that’s killing me.

Something else I’ve pinpointed that I can’t eat without a great deal of discomfort — almonds.  That used to be a “go-to” snack as well, but now kills my stomach.  And microwave popcorn, although that is likely due to the butter in it.

It’s hard to be careful about what I eat, so I just end up in misery sometimes.  I am generally good about avoiding lactose, but then I just replace it with grease, salt, and sugar.  And am still unsatisfied.  I have tried soy cheese, soy yogurt, and both are disgusting.  I have found a “buttery spread” that I like, but no more spray butter kind of sucks.  I really do like soy milk, as long as it is the Silk brand, and due to that, I don’t really miss drinking regular milk.  Soy ice cream is also not bad.

In an attempt to save myself from a heart attack or diabetes, I am trying to work on eating better.  I am awake this morning so I could fix a few things to eat for the week.  I have some vegetables to cut up to dip in dressing, edamame is on the stove, and I’m hard-boiling some eggs.  I think part of the problem I have is that I feel like I have to have a “main dish” and that just isn’t so, dearies.

I don’t much care for lunchmeat sandwiches, especially without cheese.  And the bread I really like is loaded with dairy.  I tried doing wraps last week, but need something to replace the cheese.  I am thinking maybe some guac would be good?  Not really sure.

I know that I just need some ideas, and it really shouldn’t be so hard, but it’s such a lifestyle change that I’m trying to make (and failing horribly at, substituting junk for dairy products) and I am finding it really difficult.  I didn’t have too many problems at first, but as previously stated, I would kill for some yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese, pudding, so on and so forth.

I realize I have about two readers, but I would really appreciate any suggestions.  I have hit a wall and am despairing, throwing myself instead at the mercy of chips from Casey’s and fries from just about any fast-food place you can think of.

Oh, and Lactaid.  Don’t even get me started.  That stuff does NOT work for me.  I think perhaps I need to take my doctor’s advice and start taking that live bacteria capsule, forgetting what it is called at the moment, but I’m sure that QoB knows what I’m talking about.

Paul Simon, Crazy Love Vol. II



One thought on “Pass the Lactaid, Please

  1. Hi there – I am sure you have lots more than 2 readers, actually 🙂 Re the digestive woes, I wondered if you had thought of brown rice as the lunch-time carb to replace the dairy-laden bread. It solved my lunchtime crises. You can cook up heaps, re-heat as required, add loads of your own salad/herbs stuff and some flavouring [tamari, wasabi, lemon juice] and a can of tuna or salmon for the protein, or chicken. A bit of olive oil bumps up the good fats. As well as being digestible, it fills you up till teatime.



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