Post-Christmas Laziness

I normally have kind of a hard time relaxing.  It’s not that I don’t ever sit around and twiddle my thumbs, but I always have kind of an anxious feeling when I’m doing it.  Today has been very different.  My goal for today was to do absoutely.nothing and enjoy it.  So far, I have succeeded.

Dr. Love gave me a Kindle for Christmas and I have really been enjoying it.  I spent a great part of today playing with it and doing some serious reading.  In the past, reading was something I did a lot of and really enjoyed.  The Kindle seems to be bringing me back to that and I think it would be wonderful if I could develop reading as a hobby again.  People need hobbies, or they sit around and obsess and clean…like me!

We still have two Christmas celebrations to go to.  On Thursday, we are getting together with my stepsister and her family for dinner, to see their new place, and Christmas gifts.  Then this coming weekend we are going to the middle-of-nowhere to celebrate Christmas with Dr. Love’s family.  I am looking forward to both, but am especially looking forward to Thursday because I see them so rarely.

Christmas at Mom’s yesterday was pretty great.  I ended up really tired and sick of people by the end, though, and it was everything I could do to not go screaming off into the woods.  It wasn’t anything in particular, I had just had enough of people.  I get that way sometimes, I guess.

I am thinking of making this potato soup recipe for lunches this week.  I have been craving potato soup, and now that I am eating dairy again, I see no good reason to not try it.  Speaking of eating dairy again, that must have just been all in my head, the lactose-intolerance thing.  I am eating all forms of dairy, maybe even more than before, and have had no problems whatsoever.  I do know that I have cut down on caffeine, sugar, and fat, so maybe the problem was within that trio.  Whatever the reason for it was, I am really glad to be “over it” (at least for the moment) and able to enjoy foods that I love again.

Christmas Day may officially be over, but I am still digging the music.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Christmas Canon Rock

5 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Laziness

  1. I completly understand your need to be alone after being around people all day. That is why I sometimes have to retreat during the day even, people don’t understand that at all. It is like my personal space bubble needs to get bigger & bigger & bigger until I am afraid it will explode and then I won’t let anyone within 100 miles of me ever again… so that is why I will go away for 2 hours and take a nap until it does get better and I don’t want anyone fawning over me either.

    I am so glad you had a good Christmas. The kindle sounds like a great gift for you, I love the idea that you won’t have to lug a big book around to read on lunch breaks or in the Dr. office. I hope you will keep up with your refound hobby.


  2. We have been relaxing a little too much at my house and desperately need to get our kids back on schedule or their return to school next week will be horrific. Bret got me a kindle for my birthday this year and I am surprised to say that I LOVE it. I have always loved books and thought I would really miss the “book” feel. I don’t at all. It helps that my guilt of buying lots of new books is lessened by the fact that even new releases are half the price that they used to be. On our recent trip back to KS for the holidays me and my husband were thrilled that I didn’t have to back the 4-6 books I normally take with me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  3. I have always had a hard time relaxing. I always had to keep up my various fronts. I always avoided Christmas celebrations because they required me to interact with my family.

    Books are a wonderful way to relax. I love finding and wandering through used bookstores. Sometimes you can comem across some amazing finds. I once picked up a first edition of Orwell’s Animal Farm for 50 cents.

    It is funny that you mentioned potato soup. I used to have a good recipe for a cheese potato soup. I would use a Harvarti with carroway seeds. The Harvarti would melt nicely and thicken the soup. I may take a look for that one.


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