Flip It

This is the first day I have really been on my home computer since right before New Year’s Eve.  You see, I stopped smoking in my house on the 31st, and I quit smoking altogether on the 10th.  Smoking really goes with computing, so I have been avoiding all computers other than at work.

So far quitting smoking has been hard, as I should expect, since I had been doing it for over 10 years and was up to almost three packs a day.  I had quit about five years ago, and it felt sooo easy, and I guess I anticipated that it would be like that this time.  Every quit is different, supposedly, and as QoB pointed out, I wasn’t smoking as heavily at the last quit, and have smoked for an additional five years since that time.  Whatev.  It’s hard.  That’s all I really want to say about it.

Today was a day of struggles and triumphs.  I didn’t smoke.  I walked for 30 minutes with my dad and had a good chat, and I spent time with Dr. Love, even if it was just a little bit.  Ham and beans on the stove (and in the crockpot, as an experiment) and laundry is kicking. I blogged (albeit not a very long or interesting one), and now it’s time to do some serious reading.

My heart wasn’t in this one but I’m still glad I did it.



2 thoughts on “Flip It

  1. For you writing was part of a routine that involved nicotine. Since you wanted to quit smoking you needed to stay away from writing because it could stimulate that nicotine craving.

    Writing is a very strange activity because you have to be in the mood. I have had many days where I would spend an entire day trying to write a report and I might be able to complete a page. I find that the same thing holds true for pleasure writing. I have a friend who is a playwright and he tries to write something every day, and on some days it is not very much.

    If writing helps you heal then maybe you should try writing something every day. You have things that you are feeling and that you would like to say to someone. Sometimes you just cannot put them into words.


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