Non-Newsy News

I have been feeling less depressed the past couple of weeks.  I attribute that to taking my Cymbalta daily.  Go figure, an anti-depressant helps with depression.  I am SO stubborn sometimes!

I haven’t been to church since the week after Easter (or maybe the week before Easter).  There is one big thing stopping me from going, and that is my stalker.  Ok, he’s not really a stalker — he’s a developmentally disabled guy that wants me to be his girlfriend and who won’t leave me alone.  I know that I should just get back to church, because I enjoyed going, but I find myself avoiding this situation like the plague.  I think I need to talk with my bible school leader, and see if that doesn’t make me feel better about the situation.  Putting that on my “to-do” list, as we speak.

Half of my weekend was pretty good.  I had a nice chilled out evening on Friday, watching a movie with the dogs and eating Papa Murphy’s pizza.  Saturday was pretty good, too — QoB and The Mushroom Hunter came over and cleaned up a bunch of my backyard, while I poked around with the fire we had going from all of the hundreds of sticks and broken limbs they found in the yard.  Even though I didn’t help much, it felt really good to have it looking better.  I told QoB that I would be perfectly happy if what has already been completed is all that is done, but The Mushroom Hunter and QoB apparently have more grand plans.  That’s fine by me — I just feel bad that I was not more helpful.  I didn’t even have any beer to give them…what a poor hostess!!   LOL

Sunday completely sucked.  I woke up nice and early, feeling good, getting around to pick up some money from QoB, doing a little laundry.  Then when I was getting ready for church, I started getting a mind-splitting headache.  I ended up sleeping all day, finally feeling somewhat better around 7:00pm.  What a wasted day — I MUST get this headache thing sorted out!

I am feeling pretty good this morning, although, having yesterday not be much fun, I wish I had the day off to get some things done.  Alas, work calls and I must answer because having a job is a good thing, especially in this economy.  Who knows where it will all stand when the final budget cuts are done for the year, but for now I am trying not to worry about it and am just doing the best job I can in the hopes that I can stay.

Ingrid Michaelson, Maybe

One thought on “Non-Newsy News

  1. Sometimes antidepressants do what they are supposed to do. I have known some people who have done very well with Cymbalta. If it works for you then keep on taking it. Part of a drug working for you is that you have to do your part in letting it work. It sounds like you are doing just that.


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