Month Four, Still Manic

I gave up on this blog four months ago.  I don’t recall exactly why, but I must have felt like I didn’t need it.  Since I last blogged, things have been up and down, but overall not good.

I don’t think this will be a long post because I can’t concentrate much.  Mania.  Seems like I just felt really really really happy a few short months ago.  And now I’m in misery.  Mania is tricky like that.

I’ll try to do more at some other point.

4 thoughts on “Month Four, Still Manic

  1. I always felt for people with BP because you slammed on both ends of the spectrum. All I can say is to keep on trying to hang in there.


    • The mania can be very hard if it makes you do crazy things like talk loud and fast non stop. People usually get annoyed and avoid or ridicule you. But I have to say, people love a good laugh! And the mania part can be quite amazing sometimes. But it gets tiring, and then you get slammed with depression that seems to come out of nowhere, just after you thought life was going well.


  2. Have you been on different medications? How did they work? I’m on Depakote, and it seems to be doing the trick. That and I’m eating well, exercising, staying around healthy people, and treating my seizures, which can cause mood swings that can mask themselves as a mood disorder. I’m attacking this monster from every angle.

    I’m asking you this because I have always been on anti-psychotics because they thought I was psychotic, not bipolar1 and this is the first time I’ve been solely on a mood stabilizer. (Depakote). It’s doing the trick better than any medication I’ve been on, but it’s only been a month and a half. I’m wondering if it can come back on the medications. What do you think?


    • i have been on several different medications. I am currently taking Lamictal, Lithium, Geodon, Saphris, Klonopin, and Prazosin. They would like me to take a stimulant (like for ADD) that they believe would clear up the problems concentrating and focusing. I am undecided. i might also go back to taking a bit of Trazadone for sleep, still undecided. And yes, I am living proof that symptoms come back even after treatment…just have to keep going.


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