How I Fried my AC

This has been the week for things to go to hell in a handbasket at my house.  Last week, we discovered that there was a water line break in the front yard.  But no, not on the city’s side, on my side.  Being that it was Memorial Day weekend, we couldn’t get someone to come out until today.

So, I have been unable to do dishes, laundry, or take a shower.  The two former are really piling up, too.  On a bright note, DSB had filled 12 gallon jugs of drinking water, as well as filling the bathtub so we could flush the toilet.  Five days later, were almost out of those however.

The plumbers came by this morning, took a look at the yard, and decided they needed an excavator and are not quite sure when they can get ahold of one.  Maybe two days, maybe the end of the week.  Totally blows.

Then yesterday, we received a ton of rain.  Rain is usually welcome, but our basement flooded, big-time.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if I had went downstairs to check it on one of the three times that Big Dog told me to.  But no, I just didn’t and I don’t quite know why.  I did mention it to DSB, but he didn’t check it either.  Around 7:00 pm last night, the AC seemed to be off, so DSB went down to check it and found almost two foot of water.

We got it all sumped out, but the damage was done.  The air conditioner is fried, as well as possibly the hot water heater.  To make matters worse, this is really my fault that it didn’t get checked on sooner.  My parents are disappointed and pissed, and I don’t really blame them.

I have been sitting around this morning, unable to properly function, just dwelling on this unfortunate turn of events.  Lots of negative self-talk, self-loathing.  I don’t know why I didn’t just go check it, but I didn’t and now there’s a mess and it’s all my fault.

I’m not sure what to do with myself now.  It doesn’t seem appropriate to go watch TV with DSB, and I’m not sure what I can do with my house without running water. I just really feel sick about all of this.


One thought on “How I Fried my AC

  1. If this were a 1970s TV commercial, this is where a voice would say (in the background) “Calgon, take me away,” and you’d be smiling in a bathtub full of sudsy water.

    (Oh, I forgot, you don’t have water.) 🙂


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