Relief in the Form of a Reprieve

I don’t think I get down on my knees and thank my lucky stars enough for my parents.  They have helped me through so much, and continue to do so.  I literally wouldn’t be alive had they not rescued me time after time.

In short, QoB and Big Dog are going to pay for the repairs to the AC and the hot water heater and let me pay them back slowly through my SSDI.  In the beginning, it didn’t look like that was feasible, because I was very responsible for the AC frying and the hot water heater going belly-up.  Because they are the great people they are, they decided to help me and I am truly grateful for that.

I don’t have therapy or group next week, and am really thankful for that.  Maybe I just need a short break, I don’t know.  I talked to my therapist about not wanting to do group and she really wants me to try it for one month straight and then see what I think.  I am considering doing this.  We didn’t get into how I feel like I can’t talk to her and how I feel there isn’t anything getting done in sessions.  I just shut down and I couldn’t do it.  I think I need to practice a little before the next time I see her.

I had a serious sit-down with DSB and told him that there were two things that had to happen in order for our relationship to continue.  One, I need affection and, two, we need to get out of the house more and do things together.  DSB can happily sit in his recliner in the office day in and day out and barely move.  I understand he is in a lot of pain and near-constant nausea, but even just going and sitting and chatting outside would be beneficial.  I think he is really taking me serious, and I am glad about that because I don’t want this relationship to end.

I don’t know if DSB still plans to go visit his family for a month, but in a way I think it would be good for us.  I would miss him, of course, but I do think it is important to reconnect with them.  Family isn’t as important to DSB as it is to me, by a long shot, but I think it would be helpful for both him and his family to spend some time together.  But, it could also not be a good thing for DSB because he tends not to get along with his family very well.  I am not going to push either way.

My water and AC should be on by the time I leave for work today, and that makes me very, very, very happy.  Now I know why city code makes it mandatory to have running water…not sure I wanted to find out this way!


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