Nuts and Bolts

I was able to speak with Goddess of Mindfulness this evening.  It was so very nice to hear her nice, calm, soothing voice.  It really brought me back to how many very troubled times she has seen me through.  She suggested I speak with my pdoc and ask for a referral, and also gave me a name of a therapist at the center that might be good.  We talked about how I am in a different stage of treatment, and at a stage where it would be a good idea to start trauma work.  What I took from the conversation was that a DBT therapist might not be ideal for this sort of work and a different type of therapist might be better.

So, now I have tasks, come Monday.  And I have to face my current therapist next Friday.  DSB will be taking me to that appointment, which I am so thankful for, and he will be there for me no matter what the fallout afterward.  As always.

I am getting ready to go to bed,  hoping it will be an okay night.  I have been very tired lately due to having a lot of nightmares and problems falling asleep.  Maybe tonight will be different, now that I have a game plan figured out for what to do with therapy.  Here’s hoping!


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