100 Followers and Happy (Almost) Birthday

So, it’s only taken me a few years to gain 100 followers, and, ya know, the old Rose would be very bothered by that, but the new Rose thinks it’s kind of funny.  I started this blog, hoping to wildly popular, like Dooce, or something.  Since then, it’s evolved more into a tool I use to process and bring about clarity and better mental health.  So while I am thankful for my 100 followers, I’m not going to try and figure all that out, I’m going to just keep rolling with what I do.

I will be the big 3-2 in exactly 56 minutes.  32 feels much older than 31, but maybe I’m just feeling wiser.  I know a lot of good things have happened and great progress been made in year 31 of the Rose.  I have high hopes for 32, as well.

I celebrated my birthday with my family tonight.  My sister even drove in from the big city, which is a BFD, because she is busy and super special and pregnant, to top it all off.  It made my whole month to see her and know that she was showing up just to make my day a little more special.  And she makes an awesome carrot cake.  Just a bonus, ya know.

I’m not sure what my actual birthday has in store for me, other than hopefully French toast that I have aggressively been hinting around to DSB about.  Including buying syrup and making sure we have plenty of bread and eggs.  He’d better take the hint.  It would also be nice if there was coffee made when I got up, but that might be pushing it.

I plan to swim in my new pool and float around on the raft my sister gave me for my birthday.  I also plan to clean up my dining room and kitchen because, well, they’re nasty and, even though it’s my birthday, no one else is gonna do it.  Just facing facts here.

I am currently enjoying a new Yankee candle in my favorite scent, Lilac, given by my Dad and his wife on Thursday at that birthday celebration. I’m also celebrating the fact that Dad put another $100 on my Amazon account so I can keep on reading like a fiend.

I feel very lucky approaching year 32 that I still have amazing parents who are in good health, a precious sister and brother-in-law who will make me an aunt soon (mid-January), and I, of course, am grateful for DSB…and my pups, duh.  My life would be meaningless without these people and without this love.  I’m glad I realize that now.  Here’s to better living through chemistry!

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