Feeling a Smidge Pathetic

I have this feeling like, once again, I’m in a group of people, and I’m not one of the cool kids.  Like being back in junior high in that “commons” area where we had to mill about prior to school, after lunch, and before pep assemblies.  You remember pep assemblies, right?  Bwhahah!

So next month is NaBloPoMo, which stands for National Blog Posting Month, which probably all of you already knew about.  If you’re not in the know, it basically means you make the effort to blog daily for every day in November.  There are a variety of places where you can join a super-cool blog and link up, along with a bunch of other people, and revel in the difficulty that can be NaBloPoMo.  I mean, a post EACH day.  I really want to do it, and it sounds hard.

I follow a great many blogs, but I do have one or two favorites, and one of my favorites is featuring a NaBlogPoMo linkup.  I was really excited as I was reading about it, but then my excitement began to dwindle as I read and re-read and couldn’t figure how to link-up or join or get the button.  I realize I’m not exactly technically savvy, but this isn’t exactly brain surgery, or is it?

So what did I do?  I emailed this super-cool, way awesome blogger in such an awkward way, asking about her link-up and how to join, or even if I COULD join.  And am now feeling a smidge pathetic, because I feel like I just asked the coolest girl in school if I could go to her party, after the invites had already all been sent out.

Such is life.  I am hoping to hear a positive response from this blogger, but you just never know.  And I have already decided, that, even if I can’t link to what appears to be a really neat idea, that I’m still going to blog every day in November.  Determined.  Focused.  Slightly pathetic.

11 thoughts on “Feeling a Smidge Pathetic

  1. Ha! I’ve emailed you– and really truly, don’t feel pathetic. Since I know you read, you know that I get a little overenthusiastic about things (as my mom would say) or spazzy (as my brothers would say) — and the exact rules get lost in my hyperness. You should hear it in real life when I speak a super speed, too! It’s madness. 🙂

    Anyway, all that to say that any confusion about the link up is my fault, and I’m very happy to have you on the team– I added you instantly when I saw the email. 😀 As for tech-savvy, I don’t have an easy way for people to just grab the badge– because as part of my personal Nano Poblano challenge, I intend to comment on every post everyone in my team posts– and I just want make sure I know who is claiming participation so I don’t miss anyone. 😀

    I’m excited for November, yay! 🙂


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