Let the Adventures Begin

So remember yesterday’s post when I talked about my hopes of doing BlogHer’s 2013 NaBloPoMo with the coolest girl in middle school?  Well, I held my breath and crossed fingers and toes, and she responded positively back to my awkward email.  I am now lucky enough to be rubbing figurative blogging elbows with members of the highly elite Rarasaur’s Nano Poblano team!  As Rara would say, “rawr!”

I am also linking up at BlogHer and Yeah Write.  Thirty days of non-stop blogging, a chance to meet new blog-friends, read some wickedly good writing, and the possibility of prizes?  I’m in!  And you should be, too!  Go on and check out the three blogs I’ve mentioned and the links to other blogs contained within.  You’ll definitely be entertained, and you might meet some really cool people.  Like that ultra-cool, super-hip popular girl in middle school that turned out to be simply down-to-earth and amazing.  Go figure.


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