Throwing Aerosol Cans Into the Fire

DSB set out on a mission today to clean the garage.  You can probably see where this is going, from the title.  He decided to steal my patio trashcan (because it is metal and large) and throw his cardboard and other trash into it, and then set it aflame.  He neglected to see that there was an aerosol spray paint can at the bottom (and where it came from, I don’t know), but he set the cardboard and other assorted trash on fire with the can still in it.

And then he saw the can.  The paint can.  The very flammable, explosive paint can.  Resting in the middle of his nice little fire.  He managed to get it out before it exploded, but it makes ya think, maybe setting trash cans that aren’t yours on fire can lead to some sort of cosmic karma coming around to bite one on the butt.

Because, like I said, that was MY patio trash can.  The one I throw all the beer bottles and pop cans and cigarette packs and debris from the grill into.  He knows it is mine, because I have told him that before and because, as we all know, the patio belongs to me because my pool sits on it.  He should have known better than to take that trashcan, because, as everyone knows, no one sets that trash can on fire and therefore no one takes care to not throw things in there that might blow up.

This is actually the spitting image of my trashcan, dents and all!

This is actually the spitting image of my trashcan, discoloration, dents, and all!

(Photo Credit: Craving Comfort on Blogspot)

Something else DSB did that may have caused this karmic reaction was to set Styrofoam on fire.  He didn’t say if it burned or melted, and I really don’t know, but from the time I was a little girl, I was told never to even rip up Styrofoam because it released toxins into the air.  I did a little Googling, and while some sites say it is ok to burn Styrofoam, others don’t.  You can learn all about it here, as well as more than you ever needed to know about Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

All this talk of exploding paint cans and burning Styrofoam reminds me of Bill Nye The Science Guy.  Do  you guys remember him?  Always doing crazy experiments and answering burning questions and making science fun?  Good times, good times.  I wonder what he would have had to say about DSB’s improper use of my trashcan today.

“Beware the karma of the stolen trash can.  It will make you do that which you cannot explain.”

Or something like that.  😀


3 thoughts on “Throwing Aerosol Cans Into the Fire

  1. My father set the woods behind our house on fire using an aerosol can as an incendiary device. To be fair, he almost burned himself up too. Fire engines. Sirens. Hoses. It cleaned out the underbrush nicely.


  2. Hmmmmm… not much to say here, other than QofB loooooooves making fires. And I believe that can was originally mine, on semi-permanent loan after the house remodel. At least now I know the perfect Christmas gift for ya! 😀


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