All You Need is Love

This is the most amazing, most beautiful, thought-provoking post I have read, perhaps ever. Perhaps I’m struck dumb by the topic itself, but this is incredibly well-written and it really draws the reader in.

The Surfer Stoke Project


They say good writing is about telling the truth, and as a book whore, I understand that.  Good novels lift up their shirts and let us cop a feel.  Great writing cuts through the bullshit and comforts us with it’s intimacy.  If writers don’t tell the truth, we don’t trust them as narrators, and a lot of good can come from just being truthful and taking a chance.  I am no Ernest Hemingway or Milan Kundera, but I think there is a lot people don’t say.  What we present to the world is a block of stone, and underneath there is a David – a David with stifled feelings and things left unsaid.  It feels very Hunger Games, Capitol-ish to swallow up a glaring truth – one that everyone is aware of, but no one talks about.

The truth is, each of grasps at air, every day, clamoring for…

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