My Extraordinary Ordinary Adventures

Project Reverb prompt for Day Eight is as follows:

Adventure | Did you go on an adventure in 2013?  What sort?

When I first saw this prompt in my inbox, I kind of thought, “Well, hmmm…I didn’t really GO anywhere in 2013.  What will I post about?”  Still in that mindset, I thought about skipping this prompt altogether.  I just couldn’t think of any extraordinary adventures I have been on this year.

Then I started thinking.  In 2013, I started driving on the Interstate again.  After years of not doing so, out of fear and anxiety.  It cuts the travel time to my therapy and pdoc appointments in half and it saves a good amount in gas.  I don’t really remember when I made it a goal to start driving that route again, but I do remember feeling relieved after I made it through, home, there, and back the first time.  I also remember feeling excited, because now I could drive up to see my sister without needing DSB to drive me.

Now that I wasn’t focusing on an adventure as “going somewhere,” more thoughts began to flood in:

  •  I willingly went to group therapy, with an open mind, although it had so disappointed me in the past.
  • DSB and I gave Kizzie a puppy make-over, whereas I had always paid to have it done.
  • I reached out to an old friend, and even though I was disappointed in the end, I was proud of myself for trying.
  • I went with DSB to many a “meet-up” with strangers from Craigslist, making crazy deals along the way that always worked out great.  (He found my pool on Craigslist for over $200 less than you can buy it for new and it is in perfect shape.  We also now are the proud owners of a non-functioning boat. 😀 )
  • I changed therapists mid-stream when I felt my current wasn’t working for me.  Totally my choice.
  • I went to a bar for the first time in years and years and my PTSD was not triggered in the least.
  • I started going to the grocery store by myself again and learned that I can handle the stress.
  • I helped my mom throw a baby shower for my sister and made it through with relatively little social anxiety.

All ordinary things, but extraordinary for this girl.


8 thoughts on “My Extraordinary Ordinary Adventures

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