Whining Ahead

After posting 30 days straight in November, and several days in December, I’ve been on blog-vacation for the past two days.  It felt strange not to blog both of those days, because I had really become accustomed to blogging each day, but looking back my time was much needed elsewhere.  Blogging can take up a lot of time, especially when one follows many, many other blogs and feels the need to comment on each one.

Speaking of which, I have missed a few posts from some of my favorite people during the last few days, because I did the ol’ “select all, then delete” function on my email notifications.  I mean, 75 email notifications in a less than 24 hour period, just from blog stuff is ridiculous.  I don’t do the “select all, then delete” thing very often, and I feel a little guilty when I do, but sometimes you have to say enough is enough.

The past two days, I have mostly been spending QT with DSB.  Neither one of us has had much luck lately in the health department, and within the past two days, we have both been scheduled for surgeries within the next month.

My visit to the ENT (I know, finally…thank you to everyone who urged me to go in the comments section) did not go as planned.  I thought I would drop in and they would say, “oh, no biggie” and then I would be on my merry way with maybe some prescription ear drops or something.  The audiologist informed me that the hearing in my right ear was “borderline” affected and my left ear was “moderately” affected.  She thought that if the fluid was removed, I would get my hearing back.

I then saw the doctor.  He went on ahead and put tubes in both ears (extremely painful procedure).  He then did a scope through my nose to look at my eustachian tubes (where the fluid drains from your ears) and there is some sort of “tissue blockage” there.  He said it could be my adenoids or it could be something else.  He wasn’t sure but said it needed to be addressed right away.  I am going into surgery next Monday to have it removed and will know pathology results on Wednesday.  Oh yay.

DSB and I went to see a general surgeon about his kidney surgery complications on Monday.  Consensus is that DSB will need surgery to remove bad tissue and put in wound vac.  Not pleasant.

The last two days have left me wanting to do nothing more than hang out.  I barely checked my email other than to “select all, delete” a few times.  I just haven’t been up to much more.  I’m not feeling very Christmas-y, either.  My mom just called and it sounds like she is going to come over later and do decorations.

The Internet says I should be in a minimal amount of pain from having the tubes put in, but I’m feeling really lousy.  Dizzy, in pain, stuffed up.  Just blah.  I’d like to come back to the computer later and do my Reverb prompts.  We’ll see.


12 thoughts on “Whining Ahead

    • Still better, yes, but definitely sucky. This week has been a very unhappy one in our household…time to stop wallowing and start getting in the Christmas spirit, I suppose.


  1. Ew, ear problems suck. I had chronic ear infections as a kid and now the slightest ear pain freaks me out! You deserve to do whatever you want that keeps you happy right now. Hope you feel better soon!


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