Wishing Upon a Star

This has been a different week for me.  I still feel good, but with an anxiety cloud looming overhead.  I have read many “thankful for” or “gratitude list” posts and I want to do something a little different tonight.  The following are things I am currently hoping or wishing for.  Some are intensely personal and others more generic.  Come wish upon a star with me:

1) I wish that DSB’s health problems will be resolved so he can live a fuller, happier, healthier life.  The wound vac is in the way of a lot of his activities, not to mention the pain he is in, and the sickness he feels from the infection.  I wish him health.

2) I wish that my friend, Marilyn, coasts through her heart surgery tomorrow and is back to blogging and emailing and carrying on within the next several weeks.  I wish Marilyn time and patience.

3) I wish my mom a relief from stress.  This is our busy season, and she is trying to get plants potted and work outside on the few days that are warm.  On top of that, she runs all of the financial and business end of the stores, and that is a non-stop battle.  Beyond that, she is a loving and caring grandmother, and a supportive and positive role model for her daughters.  I wish for her to feel the appreciation from others for what she does every day.

4) I wish my therapist knew how much she helps me, even on a day-to-day basis.  Just fifteen minutes sitting on her couch this week, talking about what might seem mundane to most, helped with my anxiety level tremendously.  Perhaps I put her on a pedastal, but she and her words have saved my life over and over.  I wish Goddess of Mindfulness the experience of knowing she really IS helping people.

5) I wish certain bloggers who I follow, who are in such despair, that they are able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  People do care, even if it only amounts to your readers.  There are people out there who care about you and don’t want to see you leave this life unexpectedly.  I wish those bloggie friends the ability to see into a more positive future.

6) I wish I could get in control of my eating.  I have taken the first step by nearly eliminating sugared drinks from my diet, but I need to do more.  I could be so much  healthier and happier even 100 or really, even 50 pounds lighter.  It’s not about the looks, it’s about my ability to function in day-to-day life.  I am tired of the binges and the guilt and the pain that go along with it.  I wish for myself to remember that food is fuel.

7) I wish my sister could get a little more sleep.  My nephew is 8 weeks old (and one day!) and he is not the best little sleeper in the world.  I wish for my sister patience, and the knowledge that I love her very much and would do just about anything to ease the stress and busyness and, maybe, the feelings of loneliness.  I love you, sis!

8) I wish for my BigDawg that he can take things as they come this crappie season.  I hope he can let others do a little bit more, so he can take a few more breaks.  I hope he can get off his feet once in awhile and use that damn tennis ball for the plantar fasciatis.  I hope that he gets the big sales he wants and that shad entrails come in soon.  I wish for him a fun summer with great employees that he can trust and rely on.

9) I wish for my Dad good health and optimism for his eating habits.  I hope he is able to go to the gym, like he wants to, and that he is able to do that without injuring himself.  I hope he is able to schedule in some big walks, and that he doesn’t over-do.  I wish health and never-ending happiness for my dad.  I also wish that he will go with me to Mass on a semi-regular basis.

10) I wish for you, yes, for you reading this, that I am very appreciative of any time you spend on my blog and that every “like” and comment mean the world to me.  Sometimes I just want to be heard.  I wish for myself, the knowledge that I am reaching out and touching someone, even if it is only a small number of someones.

Won’t you follow along and make a wish with me?  Please do link up, if you so desire.  I found that writing this “I wish” list was quite cathartic and meaningful.


11 thoughts on “Wishing Upon a Star

  1. I wish I could share such generosity of spirit – I try but the little sarcasm demon sits on my shoulder with the ever present flip remark ready and waiting. So maybe I wish to be less shielded and more open so that others will know that I do care.


  2. Gracias, mija. And I wish for you to listen only to that little piece of you who knows how strong and capable and fantastic you are. If that little demon who sez otherwise rears its ugly head, feel free to bitch-slap it to the ground. Remember, Momma sez never hit first, but feel free to fight back. 😉


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